Testing Requirement Update for Guests on Back to Back Sailings

Fully vaccinated guests sailing consecutive voyages have or will soon encounter a change in the testing requirements, more specifically the elimination of the testing between sailings. It bears repeating, the change in the testing policy only applies to fully vaccinated guests. All unvaccinated back-to-back guests still need to test.

This is NOT a fleet wide change as the rollout dates are different depending on the cruise ship due to deployment.

The effective dates for the elimination of testing between consecutive sailings are as follows:

September 9, 2022

  • Disney Dream
  • Disney Fantasy
  • Disney Wish

September 23, 2022

  • Disney Wonder

November 7, 2022

  • Disney Magic

For the most up to date information please, visit Disney Cruise Line’s Know Before You Go webpages.

8 Replies to “Testing Requirement Update for Guests on Back to Back Sailings”

  1. Julie Mosty

    Has there been any discussion about the requirement of the vaccine status for kids specifically? Will that ever go away? We are wanting to book a Disney cruise.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      At this time, no planned protocol changes have been announced by Disney Cruise Line. DCL has been taking a methodically slow approach in their scaling back/elimination of various pandemic related protocols compared to other cruise lines.

    1. Christopher Fisher

      Did the fact that people did not have to pack based on the fact that they remained in the same stateroom they were in?

    2. Darren

      I believe it was introduced due to cases on Wish where the stateroom hosts had to pack up the room after passengers were testing positive. Packing meant that the bags just needed to be pulled out.

  2. Tim Preston

    We just got off the Dream after sailing B2B Sept 5th then Sept. 9th. Our group was fully expecting to leave the ship to be tested. The crew member told us we would not need to be tested. We exited the ship, went back through customs and re-boarded the Dream. Easy and welcome.

  3. jlf0326

    We did a b2b on 9/9 on the Wish. We were given a letter the night before telling us we didn’t have to test. It was the first No testing b2b so it was so disorganized. We sat in the white tent for over a hour. Then went to terminal. We sat in the terminal for over 90 minutes. Just before we got on ship we all were pulled aside because we weren’t “checked” in. Yes we got on first, but the rest of the passengers were right behind us. Lost all the b2b perks.


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