Disney Wish Shipside Promenade Deck Walking Tour

The Disney Wish features a redesigned shipside promenade spanning multiple decks. The primary promenade is on deck 4 with stairs on the port and starboard side to deck 5 and deck 6 which for the first time onboard a Disney cruise ship, allows guests to walk out to the bow.

The following video is a real time walking tour of the Disney Wish promenade deck from port aft forward up to the bow and back to the starboard aft.

Guests sailing with a service animal can find Pluto’s Corner, the pet relief area on deck 5 forward on the port side.

The best route to Pluto’s Corner is to head towards Senses Spa, exit the doors to the deck 5 promenade, and walk forward past the stairs to deck 6.

Disney Wish Deck 5 Shjpside Promenade

On deck 4 and deck 5, there are a number of drinking and water bottle filling stations such as the one pictured below.

Disney Wish Deck 4 Shjpside Promenade

A cruise ship staple, shuffleboard is available with 4 areas, 2 on each side of the ship. At launch of the Disney Wish, guests looking to play were required to visit guest services to sign out the shuffleboard equipment.

On the starboard side of deck 4, you can find two portholes featuring Captain Minnie and Captain Mickey. Please enjoy these while you can, as I worry with the regular cleaning of the ship, and well, guest behavior the application of the graphics may peal off on a regular basis resulting in the loss of a fun photo-op.

The loungers are out, but someone forgot to order the full length pads.

Disney Wish Deck 5 Shjpside Promenade

Unfortunately, the promenade deck on the Disney Wish is not continuous resulting in the loss of a walking and running track. Although, at certain times of the day, guests do have the option to walk or run in a U path from aft on one side forward up the stairs to decks 5 and 5, around the bow, then back down stairs to deck 4 and go from forward to aft. Not ideal, but it is slightly more enjoyable than a treadmill in Senses Fitness. The caveat here is access to the bow on deck 6 is not always available and from experience only one side of the ship’s deck 5 to deck 6 staircases may be open.

Overall, what do you think about the outside promenade deck on the Disney Wish?

17 Replies to “Disney Wish Shipside Promenade Deck Walking Tour”

  1. beth

    this is just one more example of the ridiculous design of the wish.
    I sure hope they go back to the drawing board for ships 6 and 7

    1. Jo

      @Beth, We agree. It is a chopped up design. Maybe they should have looked up the meaning of the word promenade. Also, no midship elevators, TV on side wall of bed that is stationary, etc. Yes, go back to the drawing board.

  2. Marsha H.

    Awesome video! Thanks, Scott! For those who have not been on the Wish yet, you’ve satisfied our curiosity.

  3. Michael Hodges

    Can you go through the gates at the aft ends of the deck 4 promenade and go up the stairs to deck 5? If so, where does that lead to?

  4. Brad Jorban

    Thanks for the video, Scott! It’s pretty and all, but I can’t imagine not being able to run around the promenade loop a couple dozen times.

  5. KH

    What a terrible design. Many people enjoy running or just walking, both for fitness and just to be outside and get fresh air, and not everyone has the mobility or desire to handle multiple layers of stairwells. They had so many better options when planning the ship.

  6. Jennifer W.

    Thanks for the video, this is one of the features that disappoints me the most. The promenade deck on the other 4 ships (and on ships on other lines) is widely used for jogging which is now not really possible. The answer I’ve seen widely posted is “use the treadmills” but when I have been on the ship at least 50% of the runners are high school age athletes trying to stay in shape while on vacation and they aren’t allowed in the gym. We are still going on our first Wish cruise this winter, but with this feature gone it will likely not be a repeat ship for us – or very low on our priority. Yet another example of how this seems to be a ship almost entirely geared towards families with little kids, especially little girls, and not really geared towards adult cruising and crusing with older kids.

  7. Ray Sharpton

    Thank you, Scott for an excellent video. I really enjoyed the Disney Wish as a solo guest using my wheelchair. On your video at five minutes and thirty seconds, as you descend the starboard staircase you may notice a wheelchair lift on your right at the bottom. It is shown in a folded position. Call a cast member to operate the wheelchair lift as it requires two keys to operate. The metal hand rail is used to raise the lift up the staircase. I used it often to feel my experience of “I’m king of the world” moment. There is no unlocked landline when I tried to call to go back down. Fortunately, a guest in the Spa open area called for me. I used six other of these lifts on the ship, too. I have photos if you allow guests to post them.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      One of the unfortunate part of the ship’s design is the number of tiered areas that necessitate these chair lifts. Even more disappointing is that they are not self service. Not to mention, I saw a team working to repair the one in the Quiet Cove as it was damaged by someone who did not know how to properly operate the lift.

  8. Ana Gaillat

    Going to try the Wish in November, but going back to the Wonder after that!
    This new design is not my cup of tea for many reasons.


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