Trip Log Day 2: 5-Night Bahamian Cruise from Port Canaveral, Florida (Disney Wish Maiden Voyage) – At Sea

Trip log, day two. At Sea.
5-Night Bahamian Cruise from Port Canaveral, Florida (Maiden Voyage)
July 15, 2022

Stateroom TV Map 20220715

Technically, day 2 started at midnight with the continuation of photography around the Grand Hall. One awesome thing about the Disney Wish is the love and appreciation of the Disney cats in various forms around the ship. I probably have more pictures of Lucifer than I do Cinderella.

Disney Wish Grand Hall Lucifer

After a few hours of sleep… 3 if we are keeping count, morning arrived, and it was time for some coffee and maybe breakfast. The morning and well a portion of the day was filled with some liquid sunshine.

Wish Marceline Market Raining

Morning started with a light breakfast along with a stop in the Marceline Market café for an Americano fix. Similar to the other ships’ Cove Café cards, the Disney Wish offers a buy 5, get one free promo card, the difference, it is called, Café Fanatic – the card can be used across the ship’s various café locations.

One great thing about liquid sunshine on a Disney Cruise is the wonderful reflective properties of liquid.

Disney Wish Reflection

The Disney Wish is still coming to life. Think about the last time you moved, did you hang all your framed photos and artwork on the walls the day you moved in? Me either, new artwork has been added since the christening cruise near the Art on Demand kiosks where you can browse and place an order for various designs from artwork around the ship and even from the staterooms. The addition of framed art creates somewhat of an art gallery as compared to a glorified website to order art on demand, why not just add that to the app.

I happened to walk by the Grand Hall during the Royal Gathering. Given the name change from Princess Gathering, I anticipated some of the royal counterparts to be added to this meet and greet photo opportunity.

At 2 PM, there was a matinee showing of Disney Seas the Adventure. This is the second time seeing the show and I am impressed. It is not your typical Disney jukebox show. There are some familiar hits intermixed, however they are unique to the show. The performance in the theater is a little shorter of a runtime than other Walt Disney Theatre productions, but this is intentional. The show is an appetizer that welcomes guests aboard and sets the stage for the next few days onboard. All that being said, Seas the Adventure is a refreshing new offering, and I cannot wait to see it again in all its grand glory.

Walt Disney Theatre Seas The Adventure

After the show, Chip It Golf was happening in Hero Zone. Not sure if it was the typical major week hype from The Open, or weather this was an extremely popular event on a sea day.

Wish Hero Zone Chip It Golf

Before dinner, we had a reservation at Star Wars: Hyperspace lounge. The best way to explain Hyperspace lounge is take Skyline from the Dream-class, make the dynamic imagery various locations from the Star Wars universe, and add some cool lighting effects. This is the secret to success. You do this with a lounge, and there will be a need for a reservation only policy plus a 45-minute maximum allotted time for guests.

Dinner was in Arendelle for the show, much better seat this time around so we could see the stage. Food was enjoyed by everyone at the table, but the real highlight of the evening was the performance by the violinist (fiddler – not sure, I’ve heard it both ways). His performance added energy to the show that was lacking in our previous sailing.

During an after dinner stroll, we noticed a newly installed Cinderella mosaic tile mural near Guest Services in the Grand Hall.

Speaking of tile work, the Disney Wish logo near The Bayou is stunning. The gold pops!

Disney Wish Bayou Lounge Mosaic Tile

Over in Luna the evening was underway with two adult activities, Mighty Minds and Match Your Mate. If you are just going as a spectator, the balcony is great. However, if you are hoping to participate in any event in Luna, go to the main area. The two floors are not directly connected so the only way to get to the other is to walk out of the venue, down to the elevator lobby then back into the venue.

Is this a trend, closing out the night with Dwayne Johnson on funnel vision?

Wish Funnel Vision Moana

A dream is a wish your heart makes… Well, tonight the Dream was sailing alongside the Wish in an effort to help make that dream that you wish will come true.

Wish A Distant Dream

Time to sleep.

Sorry for the delay on day 2… I had this all written and ready to publish on Saturday, but failed to save due to some complication with my phone dropping the wi-fi connection as I was walking to dinner.

Wish Stateroom Elephant

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7 Replies to “Trip Log Day 2: 5-Night Bahamian Cruise from Port Canaveral, Florida (Disney Wish Maiden Voyage) – At Sea”

  1. Kelley Bretz

    I know the young man that is the violinist that you spoke of. His name is Ernest Sauceda. We discovered him on our Fantasy cruise and then had the pleasure of sitting next to him on our plane ride home. He is an amazing young man and musician.

    1. Josh

      For the Maiden Voyage, reservations could be made on embarkation day in any of the adult lounges, or in front of Hyperspace Lounge. All days following, you had to go to the entrance of Hyperspace to make a reservation. They went fast though! Got one of the last ones

  2. L

    i don’t think i like that double deck seating for what is supposed to be a “lounge” setting. kind of defeats the purpose.

  3. Beaverlo

    The Star Wars: Hyperspace lounge is also similar to the Skyline Bar at the Hotel New York, The Art of Marvel in Disneyland Paris.


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