Disney Wish: Wonderland Cinema & Never Land Cinema Tours

The Disney Wish offers not one, but two themed cinemas offering passengers more opportunities to watch classic and first-run studio films from Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm and more. According to Disney Cruise Line, these these boutique cinemas onboard the Disney Wish are the first in the cruise industry to offer Dolby Atmos 3D audio, providing the most immersive movie-going experience on the high seas.

The Wonderland and Never Land cinemas combined offer a combined 170 seats; 84 and 86 seats respectively. I did see some allocated space for wheelchairs. Overall, the Disney Wish cinemas offer less seating capacity than the Buena Vista Theatres across the fleet. For comparison, the Buena Vista Theatre onboard the Disney Dream and Disney Fantasy seat 399 guests while the Buena Vista Theatres on the Disney Magic and Disney Wonder seat 278 guests.

Wonderland Cinema

Wonderland Cinema, located deck 4 forward on the port side, is inspired by the fantastical world of “Alice in Wonderland,” with nods to the otherworldly creatures and distinctive characters who inhabit the ever-curiouser Tulgey Wood. The woodland motif continues along the ceiling, creating the feeling guests are peering up through the enchanted tree canopy above. The Wonderland Cinema can seat 84 guests.

Never Land Cinema

Never Land Cinema, located deck 4 forward on the starboard side, is inspired by Peter Pan’s flight from London to Never Land, sweeping guests up in their own flight of fantasy, past the second star to the right and straight into the magical world of movies. As guests revisit iconic scenes such as Skull Rock and Mermaid Lagoon, the venue’s night-sky color palette lights up with the flutter of Tinker Bell’s wings. The Wonderland Cinema can seat 86 guests.

I cannot help but love the theming of the two cinemas. Kudos to the decision makers for adding more leg room, and I believe the seats are the same as those in the Walt Disney Theatre. During my time onboard the Disney Wish, I did not have time to see a film, but I did hear a late night showing of Thor: Love and Thunder in the Wonderland Cinema was full so it will be interesting to see how well the smaller venues hold up.

4 Replies to “Disney Wish: Wonderland Cinema & Never Land Cinema Tours”

  1. Ron

    Seats In Wonderland and Neverland are definitely not the same as the Walt theater. Unfortunately they very uncomfortable.

  2. Chrissy

    Is there handicapped seating in one or both of these theaters? We’re going on the Wish in October and traveling with a wheelchair.

    1. LG

      Yes, in both theatres, If you look at the 13th picture for the Wonderland theatre, you can see it best – that row in front of the short wall is the level you’ll come in on, and there is plenty of room for scooters or wheel chairs between the fixed seats, In the Neverland photos the last picture shows a couple of moveable chairs that can be taken out, in the spaces for the scooters or wheel chairs.


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