Disney Wish: Fairytale Fresh Laundry – Self-Service Laundry Facility & Dry Cleaning

The Disney Wish features a first for Disney Cruise Line, and I am not talking about the first attraction at sea – The AquaMouse. No, the Disney Wish has one centralized self-service laundry room instead of multiple smaller locations spread out on the passenger decks like the Magic, Wonder, Dream, and Fantasy.

The Fairytale Fresh Laundry is located on Deck 8, midship aboard the Disney Wish. The central self-service laundry facility offers 26 washing machines, 30 clothes dryers, 8 ironing board stations, 3 sinks, and a waiting area. At the time of publication, 1 complete load of laundry will cost you $6.00 ($3 to wash and $3 to dry); extra if you need to purchase detergent or fabric softener from the Soap Center for $1/each.

Sure, one could argue this is not as convenient as having a a laundry room down the hall from your stateroom, but one larger space eliminates the searching for an open machine while lugging a bag of dirty clothes around the ship. Time will tell if the decrease in total machines from 33 washers and 40 dryers spread over 7 locations onboard the Dream and Fantasy will cause a backup. For comparison, the Magic and Wonder have 15 pairs of washers and dryers and 6 Toal irons spread out over 3 locations. I will admit, there is another trade-off depending on the location of your stateroom, you may need to build in a few more minutes for a quick trip to a laundry room to iron some clothes before dinner.

Additionally, the Fairytale Fresh Laundry room is spacious and seems to be well ventilated. If you are like me and are a frequent clothes washer, especially on longer voyages (I realize the Disney Wish is only sailing 3- and 4-night cruises, but what about the other 2 ships) you will appreciate the larger space and cold flowing A/C.

Disney Wish Fairytale Fresh Laundry Walkthrough

Disney Wish Full Service Laundry Services

If self-service laundry is a non-starter on your cruise, no worries. Full service laundry service is also available. You will find a laundry bag and the following laundry service order form in your stateroom’s closet. Onboard dry cleaning is one of my things about cruising. I will often send out a suite or my tuxedo on the first night.

Disney Wish Laundry Service Price Sheet

18 Replies to “Disney Wish: Fairytale Fresh Laundry – Self-Service Laundry Facility & Dry Cleaning”

  1. CATHY

    Me too.. Love sending that stuff out. They do a great job and it is so cheap. Often I send out the last night so I can go home with a clean suitcase

  2. Brett B.

    Even with all our many cruises, my wife and I have never washed & dried any of our clothes…yet. Either we are lucky or bring enough (too much) to wear. Since accidents happen, we could see our selves using this facility. On the WONDER, we have only used the ironing board. I have considered using the Dry Cleaning though for my suit.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Sara, not all the signage was up and we did not have a need to do a load of laundry. This is on our list for the Maiden Voyage and I will update the article with any additional findings.

  3. Frank C Davis

    You said it isn’t as convenient as having one down the hall from your stateroom. As of this date, my stateroom IS just down the hall from the laundry room. In fact, I’m just around the corner from it. 🙂 (If I get to keep the stateroom by my cruise next year)

  4. Jo

    This sounds as if it would be more inconvenient, hotter, and noisier. Perhaps people should do their laundry while they are jogging up and down the stairs.


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