Pre-Cruise Advanced Reservations for Royal Gathering Available 30-Days Prior to Sailing

Guests booked on upcoming Disney Cruise vacations once again have the opportunity to pre-reserved a spot for the Royal Gathering starting 30-days before the cruise. This meet & greet experience is actually a renaming of the ever popular Princess Gathering.

Please note, the 30-day pre-booking for the Royal Gathering will begin with sailings departing mid-July and beyond. Concierge guests will have the opportunity to pre-book approximately 35-40 days prior to sailing.

In order to book the Royal Gathering, the reservation must be paid in full and will not be open in conjunction with the Castaway Club levels.

6 Replies to “Pre-Cruise Advanced Reservations for Royal Gathering Available 30-Days Prior to Sailing”

  1. Carys

    Does this mean that meet & greet experience be back to normal or will still be physical distancing meet and greet.

    Please answer ASAP

    1. R

      Scott doesn’t work for DCL. He runs this DCL blog as a personal interest thing. If you need an answer to something, you should contact DCL directly.

  2. S

    Was this something that always had a fee attached to it or is the fee something new? Does anyone know what this entails?

    1. Sarah Adams

      Its always been a free activity but you have to prebook. They used to have 3 princesses and you would cycle through meeting all three.

    2. R

      I believe “reservation must be paid in full” refers to your DCL cruise being paid for in full, not a fee associated with the Royal Gathering.

  3. Maus

    *Please be advised our up-close character interactions continue to remain paused; therefore, Guests will be asked to remain at a social distance of 3ft and no autographs will be able to be given. Characters for this experience may vary.


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