Know Before You Go Updates: Update on Fish Extenders (Door-to-Door Gift Exchanges)

Disney Cruise Line updated the Know Before You Go – On the Ship page on April 14th (archived) removing the paragraph pertaining to Hanging Gift Bags on Stateroom Doors which was specifically prohibiting door-to-door gift exchanges among guests.

Know Before You Go On Ship Fish Extenders 20220414

These gift exchanges are better know as the popular a Fish Extender exchanges organized on on and cruise specific Facebook groups.

A look back at our handmade Fish Extender featuring the bow designs from each ship.
This was before the Fantasy so the pocked on the bottom was still blank.

Disney Cruise Line announced at the beginning of the month they will be taking a phased approach with the relaxation and modifications of various health and safety protocols which were required upon the industry restart.

We will continue to monitor for additional changes, but please take the time to read and familiarize the information on Disney Cruise Line emails and Know Before You Go pages, specific to your upcoming sailing as this remains a dynamic situation.

7 Replies to “Know Before You Go Updates: Update on Fish Extenders (Door-to-Door Gift Exchanges)”

    1. Michelle P

      We enjoy doing Fish Extender exchanges because it helps fill that long space in between planning and actually sailing away! The planning and creation of the gifts is fun for us. But I understand it not being everyone’s cup of tea.

  1. Alex

    I love them. For it’s a way to get active and meet other in my cruise group, I can let my creative side out. It extends the joy of the sailing forward with the planning process.I loved the creative stuff people make and give me. My kids looooved giving and dropping these off as much as receiving. I have gotten really cool personlized disney themed items. I love how its part of the whole door decorating thing. And its the one of the many things that sets DCL out compared to other cruise lines. I cruised Royal before, ship did have much more to offer iMO; but there was that lack of excitement that a DCL decorated ship brings.. The hallways were boring and nothing extra to look foward too.

    1. Jennie

      We love doing fish (on our next voyage it will be a “Wish”) extender. I enjoy getting goodies, but even more I love filling other extenders with treats. It makes me feel like a kid.

  2. S

    The facebook page for our sailing July 21st on Fantasy said at present that only groups of 5-6 staterooms at a time per each fish extender. I hope that changes back to the usual 10 but our person said they were asked to restrict for now.

    I am glad to see this come back. We have gotten some cool stuff, some of it personalized and still useful today and others were a treat to try to some stuff from Japanese cruisers on a previous sailing.

    It is fun and something that helps to add some additional excitement to the sailing.

  3. Steven

    I must say, I did join a Facebook group prior to my last Disney Cruise (April 2019). I didn’t do the Fish Extender (not sure our group did that). However, it was ‘great’ getting to know certain guests prior to sailing. We even took a group picture in the atrium. The best part was seeing them at different times onboard and just saying “Hello” to each other.


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