Broward Approves Disney Terminal Design Contract at Port Everglades – First Sailings Targeted for Fall 2023

During the April 5th Broward County Commission Meeting, the board approved Bermello, Ajamil & Partners, Inc. for design and consulting services to transform Port Everglades’ Cruise Terminal 4 into a second home for Disney Cruise Line.

Bermello, Ajamil & Partners, Inc. already has a number of maritime projects already in their portfolio including Port Canaveral’s Cruise Terminal 3, Port Everglades Cruise Terminal 25, and two at PortMiami one for Norwegian and another for Royal Caribbean.

“Disney is known for its remarkable creativity worldwide.  I’m sure this new terminal will reflect the magical Disney experience for travelers.  We are certainly very happy and complimented that Disney Cruise Line will be sailing from our Port Everglades,” said Broward County Mayor Michael Udine.

The design contract, agenda item 27, was passed unanimously 9-0 as part of a the consent agenda.

Improvements to Cruise Terminal 4 and the adjacent berth will begin once the interior and exterior designs are complete. The entire project must be completed by Fall of 2023 when Disney Cruise Line sails for the first time from Port Everglades. 

“Our Seaport Construction staff has been working closely with teams of Imagineers and other creative groups to brainstorm designs and ideas to maximize guest flow and efficiency. I am excited to see the final product,” said Port Everglades Chief Executive and Port Director Jonathan Daniels.

The following sketches were include in the design contract depicting Disney Cruise Line’s initial concepts of their view of how the cruise passenger terminal would be developed complete with a second floor concierge area.

Adding Port Everglades as a second homeport gives Disney a dedicated terminal in a market with direct highway access and one of the nation’s fastest growing airports, Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL). Disney’s original homeport is Port Canaveral, located in Central Florida.

“We continue to make progress on our specially-designed Disney Cruise Line terminal, which will allow us to provide the outstanding experience our guests have come to expect from us, along with that special touch of Disney magic,” said Disney Cruise Line SVP and General Manager Sharon Siskie.

The family-favorite cruise line is bringing its magic to Broward County’s cruise port under a 15-year berthing agreement includes one ship to be homeported in Port Everglades year-round beginning Fall 2023, joined by a second, seasonal ship in 2025. The agreement supports an estimated 1,111 direct local jobs generating $31.6 million in wages and $12.3 million in state and local taxes, according to a study by nationally recognized maritime research company Martin Associates.

11 Replies to “Broward Approves Disney Terminal Design Contract at Port Everglades – First Sailings Targeted for Fall 2023”

  1. Arthur Houston

    This is excellent location at Port Everglades Terminal 4 is out side the security zone. New garage and current terminal is very nice. Best part is 10 min cab ride form the airport and fare is fixed. Enjoy.

    1. Arthur Houston

      At first the Dream and Magic. Then the Fantasy down the road will move to FT L. after the 6th Disney ship. You know the Immigration is built.

      1. Lisa

        The Immigration?? That is the name of the new ship after the Wish? I don’t believe it is built or named yet. My guess for the next ship name is either “Imagine”, “Imagination”, “Believe” or “Inspire”

  2. BartmanLA

    According to the initial announcement the first year they’ll service the Magic and the Wonder (if they ever bring her back from the West Coast). Then the Dream class ships will occasionally sail from Port Everglades the following year.

  3. James

    I’m trying to figure out why DCL isn’t maxing out terminal 8 at PC. I would think there is cost savings by running more ships out of 1 terminal. Since DCL is no longer going to Key West, that eliminates the reason to be out of Miami over PC.

    1. Arthur Houston

      Port Charges at the dock are my the running foot of the ship. X per ft and then a charge per passenger IE right now between $15.00 and 16.00 per passengers. The merchandizing of the product is simple cost are the same Ft L and PC.. Ft L is number on in the World not Mia. record right now in one day is around 58000 passengers. The single biggest reason is FLL that is the airport has a 840000 per day passenger count. And is 10 mins for the ships and can be seen form lido decks on almost all ships. DCL can cater to South America far easier at Ft L than PC. MCO is a problem. Then you mother told you never put all your eggs in one basket. It is a smart move.

    2. Arthur Houston

      Every thing at any port to support any ship is owned by the Port. Terminal 8 at PC is owned and operated by the Port Cameral Port Authority. They have a signed agreement to have min of two ship operating out of that terminal for a period of time. New contract signed with Wish and Immigration two reasons the remodel of terminal and LNG service being provided by the Port. The people who work inside the terminal are Port C employees not DCL. On boarding days there may be 2 people behind the counter that are DCL managers and that is fi there is any question as to valid ID they are only ones who can say yes or no. US Customs holds DCL responsible for who boards. The revenue from docking fees, which you can go on line and read, and passengers fees. pays for all the improvements and infrastructure. One day 40000 passenger the fees at 15 dollars each is $600000.oo dollars. port works on a 20 year pay off. This is big business. Not uncommon to see six ships at PC now a days. Docking fees are big also.

  4. Brett B.

    They can have the MAGIC sail out of Port Everglades along with rotating the DREAM, FANTASY, WISH, ADVENTURE, & EXPIRIENCE (last two my guesses) out of Ports Canaveral & Everglades.
    The WONDER will most likely stay on the West Coast since there is a strong market for Mexico, Pacific Coast, Alaska and Hawaii sailings. Rumor has that one of the newer ships may head to the Orient to sail from Hong Kong or Tokyo to Australia, Fiji/Tahiti, Indonesia etc. The MAGIC could stay in Europe for sailings. We were going over this “speculation” when we did our recent B2B and talking with fellow passengers, crew and DVC hosts. But time will tell.


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