Port Canaveral Shares First Look Inside Disney Cruise Line’s New Cruise Terminal 8 Concierge Lounge

During the March 23, 2022 Port Canaveral Commission Meeting, the commission was presented a summary of the capital projects which included the following first look at the all new concierge lounge at Disney Cruise Line’s Cruise Terminal 8.

Port Canaveral CT8 Concierge Lounge Preview

According to the meeting’s documents, the new furniture for the concierge areas has been installed. Kalwall system, rope base, sills, painting, caulking and metal trim for the light fixtures are completed. The communications subcontractor is working the install of the concierge monitors.

Port Canaveral and Disney Cruise Line held a walkthrough of the space and substantial completion date of record is March 22, 2022. At this time, the concierge lounge/waiting area will soon be available to guests booked in concierge staterooms.

Additional work at the terminal includes work on the United States Customs and Border Protection (CBP) area where photos are typically prohibited. However, the following was published in a publicly available document.

Port Canaveral CT8 Customs Renovations Preview

The subcontractor completed the low-voltage/CCTV cable installation, and recording and intrusion detection equipment for the CBP area. New cameras and microphones have been installed at each CBP booth for improved security. CBP inspection is scheduled for the end of March.

There are still some portions of the phase II landslide project that are pending such as the pier side bathrooms ventilation system installation and light fixture covers at the plaza. Port Canaveral and the contractor performed a pre-punch list walk and contractor is actively resolving the pre-punch list items identified.

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