March 2022 Castaway Cay Desktop Wallpaper

As we sail into March 2022, I wanted to share a new Castaway Cay desktop wallpaper which includes a calendar.

DCL Blog Calendar March 2022 Castaway Cay 16 10
16:10 Aspect Ratio
DCL Blog Calendar March 2022 Castaway Cay 16 9
16:9 Aspect Ratio
Disney Dream Castaway Cay Cabanas
Original Image without Calendar

7 Replies to “March 2022 Castaway Cay Desktop Wallpaper”

  1. Joelle Sanders

    Scott, Will you send one out each month with updated calendar? Or send image without the calendar? Thank you!

  2. Dave

    I just want that picture of CC as wallpaper. It’s perfect! I’m almost sad I had to put up April’s wallpaper now…


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