Disney Wish: Ems River Conveyance – March 30, 2022

The Disney Wish departed the Meyer Werft shipyard on the morning of March 30, 2022, and began the Ems River conveyance in route to Eemshaven, Netherlands.

Disney Wish Departs Meyer Werft Shipyard

Earlier this morning, Ems-Dollart Media shared some of the first video of the Disney Wish departing the Meyer Werft shipyard.

Disney Wish Ems River Conveyance – Live Stream

ShipspotterTV provided live streams of the conveyance from different vantage points along the route. The videos can only be viewed on YouTube, but are embedded below to click over to YouTube.

Additional Disney Wish Conveyance Videos

Here is a collection of other videos posted to YouTube – in no particular order.

A view from onboard passing gate Leer Bridge.

For ongoing coverage, and updates, please see this Twitter thread. Later today, this post will be updated with any additional coverage.

Special thanks to Ems-Dollart Media for continuing to keep us up to date on the progress of the Disney Wish. Check out their Instagram account for some more updates as they are posted. Please note: Instagram changed the settings to by default, posts are not available for embedding. You can click on the placeholders below to see the images over on Instagram.

Once in Eemshaven, Netherlands, there will be close to 500 of crew members embarking as the Disney Wish prepares for her next chapter – sea trials.

The Disney Wish arrived in Eemshaven around 6:15 AM local time on March 31, 2022.

Disney Wish Ems River Conveyance MarineTraffic Papenburg Eemshaven

Meyer Werft shared the following in a press release on March 30th.

Disney Wish left Papenburg on Wednesday morning and was conveyed on the river Ems to the Dutch port of Eemshaven (NL). The next cruise ship of MEYER WERFT for Disney Cruise Line begins the manoeuvre in the morning with the passage of the Papenburg sea lock. During the Ems passage and the subsequent technical and nautical sea trials on the North Sea, there are initially approx. 750 people onboard. “It is another important milestone for the ship and the shipyard. The entire team is working hard at full speed to complete this special project,” says Henning Stellermann, Project Manager at MEYER WERFT.

The Disney Wish is MEYER WERFT’s third cruise ship for Disney Cruise Line (DCL). It is the first of a new class for DCL to be equipped with low-emission LNG propulsion. In addition to a reduction of CO2 emissions, nitrogen oxides and particulate matter are almost completely avoided – sulphur oxides are completely eliminated. Currently, all ships in MEYER WERFT’s order book are equipped with this propulsion system. 

The river Ems conveyance will take place with the support of two tugs and the ship will be driven backwards. This type of passage has proven itself due to the better manoeuvrability. The following schedule applies for the Ems passage, which may change at short notice:

Wednesday, March 30, 2022

  • approx. 08:00 Passage of the sea lock (Papenburg)
  • approx. 12:15 Passage of the Friesenbrücke (Weener)
  • approx. 15:30 Passage of the Jann Berghaus Bridge (Leer)

Thursday, March 31, 2022

  • approx. 00:30 Passage of the River Ems Barrier (Gandersum)
  • approx. 02:30 Turn around the ship at Emden

All information is subject to wind and weather conditions, water levels and therefore without guarantee. Time shifts are possible at short notice!

The team of the pilot brotherhood Emden will carry out the transfer of the ship. The transfer team always trains the maneuver on the computerized simulator in Wageningen (NL) to be even better prepared. The passage of the vessel across the river Ems will be carried out with the support of the Ems barrier in Gandersum.

Check out the Disney Wish page for a chronological list of construction videos dating back to March 2020.

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  1. Ana Gaillat

    Did you see that horn array? She will be a vocal lady!!! Can’t wait to hear her voice. I plan to be waiting for noon on the first day at sea to record all the tunes.

  2. Mick

    Wondering when and how they will install the smokestacks. Was it too tall for conveyance or were they too excited and in a hurry to install??

  3. Mick

    I believe that it’s her “Voice”, The horn array. Can’t wait to hear her ‘sing’ at noon , first day of our cruise in September!!!


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