Disney Cruise Line Emailing Guests Regarding Online Check-In Following Recent System Upgrade

Disney Cruise Line is in the process of emailing guests to inform them the online check-in should now be available following a recent system upgrade which left some unable to access Online Check-In for their upcoming cruise. This feature is now available for Guests to complete Online Check-In by submitting the required documents and selecting their Port Arrival Time. Online check-in can be completed or modified up to one day prior to sailing.

Below is a sample of the email sailing into inboxes.

DCL Email Online Check In 20220314

Reservation #:

We are writing with important information related to your upcoming Disney Cruise Line vacation.

During a recent system upgrade, you may have not been able to access Online Check-In for your cruise. We want to let you know that the feature is now available and you are welcome to complete Online Check-in at this time.

To get started, you will need to sign in to My Reservations on our website. Once signed in, it is important that you complete and submit the required documents as well as select a Port Arrival Time. All Guests, including our Platinum Castaway Club Guests, will need to select a Port Arrival Time. Guests arriving prior to their selected arrival time will be asked to return at the appropriate time. Online check-in can be completed or modified up to one day prior to sailing.

We appreciate the planning that goes into a cruise vacation and look forward to providing you with an enjoyable experience.


The Cast & Crew
Disney Cruise Line

11 Replies to “Disney Cruise Line Emailing Guests Regarding Online Check-In Following Recent System Upgrade”

  1. Brett B.

    I was able to check us in via the phone app about a week ago before the site was down for maint. Everything was there for me to check us in but the part where you had to photograph your passport or whatever you are using was difficult to use. Either the photo was wrong size or it was a partial photo so I had to take it several times before it would work. The selfie photo for the security was easy to do as I had lots to choose from on my phone. Be careful as they really will reject a photo if it does not meet with their requirements. Even though I checked us in, set the port arrival time, etc at the end of Feb. My check in portion of the process still reads as “pending review by castmember” for our photos two weeks later. we did get the mailer with our luggage tags though! Although I do have to say I miss the big booklets we used to get, I really enjoyed reading and re-reading them.

  2. James

    Yep, there was some major issues for the April 11th Magic cruise, apparently the website was adding charges and thus saying your not PIF and not allowing check in.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      A few couple years ago, I quietly added “My Cruise History” to the website to allow readers to create an account and add cruises. Not only will it provide a list of past and future cruises, it will summarize your cruising history breaking out the number of sailings on each ship, and number of visits to each port of call.

  3. Robert Yetman

    Spent 4 hours on hold on Sunday, once I got through, confirmed that the extra charges were for charges such as port excursions that would normally not be charged until you get onboard. Looks like its been fixed by now.

  4. S

    Has anyone gotten an email saying final payment due soon when it is still months away from the 60 deadline? I got one for July 21st sailing saying my payment is due in 9’days instead of late May (60 days). Since phone lines are stacked right now just waiting to call but don’t know if anyone else for one. Thanks

  5. Shari

    I’ve been on hold for 3 hours and 37 minutes and counting. I just love this new system. I feel so bad for the cast members. Hopefully I get through in the next hour and a half before they close the lines for the night.


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