Disney Wish Float Out: Live Stream

Watch live as the Disney Wish floats out of Hall 6 at the Meyer Werft Shipyard in Papenburg, Germany. Streamed live by Detlev Helmerich on February 11, 2022.

A second live stream is also available from ShipspotterTV.

13 Replies to “Disney Wish Float Out: Live Stream”

  1. Lisa

    WOW! Fireworks and music!! Only Disney! Unfortunately the live stream ended right after them. They were also playing something on the big screen on the pool deck – maybe Fantasia? The ship is born!

  2. Brett B.

    She looks ready to sail now when I saw they had something on the Funnel Vision but I know she will have a month of sea trials before the first passengers board her.

  3. Christopher Fisher

    Look at the other live stream provided by Shipspottertv. You can access that view from this site’s video. It gives a much better view of the Wish.

  4. Ana+Gaillat

    Yeay!!! She is getting more real by the minute! Can’t wait!
    I would love to know what was playing on Funnel Vision during the float out!

  5. Denny C

    I’m assuming more painting to be done? The steel on the lower hull almost had an aged, buckled look to it and not that smooth, new steel look to it.


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