Disney Cruise Line Modifies January 2022 Itineraries Dropping Scheduled Calls at Grand Cayman

This afternoon, Disney Cruise Line emailed guests booked on January 2022 sailings with a scheduled stop in Grand Cayman stating officials in the Cayman Islands have decided to keep the port closed to cruise ships through the month of January 2022. As a result, modifications to Disney Fantasy and Disney Wonder itineraries are needed.

The Disney Fantasy’s 6-night Western Caribbean Cruise departing Port Canaveral on January 2, 2022 will have the previously scheduled stop in Grand Cayman altered to a day at sea with an additional stop added in Nassau. The revised itinerary is as follows:

  1. Sunday January 2, 2022 – Port Canaveral, Florida
  2. Monday January 3, 2022 – At Sea
  3. Tuesday January 4, 2022 – Costa Maya, Mexico
  4. Wednesday January 5, 2022 – At Sea (previously Grand Cayman)
  5. Thursday January 6, 2022 – Nassau, Bahamas (previously At Sea)
  6. Friday January 7, 2022 – Castaway Cay
    Saturday January 8, 2022 – Port Canaveral, Florida (Debarkation)
DCL Email Fantasy Grand Cayman Itinerary Change 20211229

The Disney Wonder’s 6-night Western Caribbean Cruise departing Galveston, Texas on January 14, 2022 will have the previously scheduled stop in Grand Cayman will now be replaced by Costa Maya. The revised itinerary is as follows:

  1. Friday January 14, 2022 – Galveston, Texas
  2. Saturday January 15, 2022 – At Sea
  3. Sunday January 16, 2022 – Cozumel, Mexico
  4. Monday January 17, 2022 – Costa Maya, Mexico (previously Grand Cayman)
  5. Tuesday January 18, 2022 – At Sea
  6. Wednesday January 19, 2022 – At Sea
    Thursday January 20, 2022 – Galveston, Texas (Debarkation)
DCL Email Wonder Grand Cayman Itinerary Change 20211229

Acting Minister for Tourism Hon. Dwayne Seymour recently stated that “we look forward to welcoming cruise tourism business in 2022 when it is safer to do so.”

I’d like to thank those that reached out to share the itinerary modification correspondence.

6 Replies to “Disney Cruise Line Modifies January 2022 Itineraries Dropping Scheduled Calls at Grand Cayman”

  1. MJ

    No word yet on the Magic though, right? We are on the Jan 22 with a scheduled stop in GC and no one in our group thinks it will happen.

    1. Michelle R Price

      My guess is DCL is working the cruises in order of embarkation. I know our cruise on 1/15 has a stop scheduled in San Juan that we all believe will be cancelled, but we’ve not heard anything yet either.

  2. JJ

    I can’t begin to describe how upset I am over this. When I booked the Jan 14th sailing on the Wonder it was a premium cruise price to go to Key West and Castaway Cay. The modded that sailing to Cozumel & Grand Cayman and gave us a pittance of $400 (stateroom credit) in compensation for the itinerary change. This all occurred outside of any penalty window to keep people on the sailing.
    Now that the changes are inside the penalty window and guests cannot have no recourse, the new Bob Paycheck Disney rears it’s head. I spent 3 hours and n the phone to DCL yesterday and even supervisors at shoreside customer support basically told me there was nothing they were willing to do as they had already given me $400 (back of my own money.)

    1. Todd

      You realize you booked a cruise during covid right? There are missed ports all the time right now! Don’t book a cruise during covid if you’re going to be pissed off for missing a port!

  3. Jo

    @JJ I am so sorry this happened. I understand your frustration and disappointment. This is such short sightedness on the part of DCL because they are being penny wise and pound (dollar foolish). They normally are excellent at marketing and customer satisfaction. I think the younger ones in charge now are not thinking long term. DCL has thrived because of repeated passengers. Many people just say something like ,”Oh they are too expensive or who wants to deal with all those children”. They have a niche on a certain clientele and if they alienate those people, it will cost them in the long run.

    1. Marie

      It would be nice if Disney would send some type of communication in response to the latest CDC warning that we should not be going on any cruises. We are all very nervous and would like to get some reassures.
      We were also disappointed to find out Grand Cayman is off the itinerary…we selected this cruise because of that port stop.


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