A Look at the Once Upon a Disney Wish Magical Model Augmented Reality Experience

Accompanying the grand reveal of the Disney Wish earlier this year, Disney Cruise Line sent out physical Disney Wish ship models, as well as a scaled down version on foldable card stock to select travel agents and media. Thankfully, I know some really wonderful people, as I was fortunate enough to have someone share the scaled down version with me, and another wonderful person gifted me the old fashioned glass from the full Disney Wish reveal promotional box.

Both versions of the Disney Wish ship model offer the same augmented reality (AR) experience as the physical ship model and the paper model serve as background element with the Disney Wish logo used as the AR orientation anchor.

The cardboard box opens to reveal a foldable paper craft ship model.

The foldable Disney Wish model features a QR code and instructions on the back.

The QR code launches your web browser to https://ar.disneycruise.events/ which can be opened on a computer, but requires a smartphone or tablet for the AR experience.

DCL Wish AR Model QR Code

In my experience with the foldable Disney Wish model, the AR experience was buggy on the multiple devices. Maybe an iOS issue on my end, I did not get to try with an Android device.

Currently, the AR experience covers the Grand Hall, AquaMouse, Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Adventure, and Hyperspace Lounge. Thanks to the power of the internet and video editing, you can view most of the content hosted by Cruise Director Ashley in the following video.

Now that you’ve watched the video, we can take a deeper dive into the content shared in the experience.

Grand Hall

DCL Wish AR Model Grand Hall

The Grand Hall will serve as the epicenter of the Disney Wish and according to Disney will come to life every evening with dramatic show lighting, glittering trails of pixie dust and shimmering chandelier effects. This fairytale-inspired atrium will be the enchanted gateway to everything that awaits on board the ship: fairytale worlds, heroic challenges, epicurean indulgences, thrilling adventures, galactic encounters, peaceful escapes and so much more.

Click here for a full resolution 360 jpeg arriving at over 9 MB created for the AR experience.


The AquaMouse is essentially, AquaDuck 2.0 – the upgrade everyone will surely enjoy. According to Disney, the AquaMouse will feature “The Wonderful World of Mickey Mouse” animated shorts in this first-ever Disney attraction at sea. The 760 feet, upper deck attraction, will include show scenes, lighting and special effects, and splashtacular surprises.

In the AR experience, we were treated to a closer look at the AquaMouse inflatable raft design. 


During the Hyperspace Lounge and Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Adventure portions of the AR experience, renderings for the bartenders and servers costumes were revealed.

Oceaneer Club

A fun brochure was presented to talk about the various arts within the Oceaneer Club, with two more areas to be revealed at a later date.

Disney Wish Virtual 3D Ship Model

You cannot have a Disney Wish AR experience without a 3D ship model.

Did you know, you can try this at home without the ship model or paper model. Give it a try, open up the following image on your computer screen and use your smartphone or tablet to visit https://ar.disneycruise.events/.

DCL Wish AR Model Paper Model Card

What do you think about the Disney Wish augmented reality experience?

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