Pre-Trip Reminders Including Pre-Arrival COVID-19 Testing Requirements

Following this weeks Disney Dream restart at Port Canaveral, Disney Cruise Line is sending out reminder emails to guest booked on upcoming cruises to ensure all I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed.

There are reports of traveling parties denied boarding on Monday due to incomplete pre-arrival testing. Most importantly, guests who are fully vaccinated may choose to provide proof of vaccination through the Safe Passage website by Inspire Diagnostics in order to be exempt from the pre-trip and embarkation COVID-19 testing. Guests who do not provide proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR taken between 5 days and 24 hours prior to boarding will not be permitted to sail. This includes Guests of all ages, including infants and children.

The following email is being sent to guests with upcoming cruises booked.


Reservation #:


We appreciate you sailing with us aboard the Disney Dream and want to share some important tips and reminders for your sailing.

Pre-Trip COVID-19 Testing

In order to sail and prior to arriving at the port, all Guests must provide proof of a negative COVID-19 PCR test (paid for at the Guests’ expense) taken between 5 days and 24 hours prior to the sail date. Guests 18 years and older must individually register and create an account associated with their reservation (or reservations, for Guest with back-to-back, consecutive sailings) on the Safe Passage website by Inspire Diagnostics, Disney Cruise Line’s third-party partner for COVID-19 testing and vaccination verification. Parents and legal guardians must use their own accounts to submit pre-cruise test results on behalf of their children prior to sailing. After appropriate documents have been uploaded and reviewed by Inspire, Guests should see the words “Clear to Arrive” in the Pre-Sail Screening section when they log into their account before arriving at the port. It is also recommended that Guests bring a copy of their negative COVID-19 PCR test result with them to the port. If you have any questions about your Safe Passage registration or status, please contact 877-250-5132.

Embarkation COVID-19 Testing

Guests are required to undergo a rapid PCR COVID-19 test at the terminal prior to boarding. A $65 test fee will be charged to the folio of all Guests 12 years and older. Guests arriving by personal vehicle will be directed to a testing location in the parking garage. Guests arriving by hired transportation will be directed to a testing location next to the parking garage.

The pre-embarkation COVID-19 test at the port is a self-swab test and parents will need to assist children that are unable perform it on their own. Professionals will be on hand to help guide you through the process. Test results typically take approximately one hour to receive but could take longer. We recommend that Guests plan accordingly and consider bringing any snacks, water or activities that may be needed while waiting.  Guests will receive an email when their results are available and must log in to the Safe Passage website to determine whether their party is clear to embark. Guests in the garage will be provided with a telephone number should they have any questions while awaiting test results; Guests in the testing facility next to the garage will be able to address any questions to staff stationed there.

Travel Insurance

Guests 12 years or older must provide proof of a valid travel insurance policy that has a minimum of $10,000 per person in medical expense coverage and $30,000 coverage for emergency medical evacuation and no COVID-19 exclusions. For cruises departing from Florida through December 31, 2021, Guests may purchase Disney Cruise Line Vacation Protection up until two days prior to sailing or purchase a policy from a third party that meets the coverage requirements. Guests that purchase insurance from a provider other than Disney Cruise Line will need to provide proof of the insurance policy at the port, showing the name of each of the covered Guest(s) and a description of the coverage in the policy prior to receiving clearance to sail.

COVID-19 Vaccination

Guests who are fully vaccinated may choose to provide proof of vaccination through the Safe Passage website by Inspire Diagnostics in order to be exempt from the pre-trip and embarkation COVID-19 testing and travel insurance requirements listed above. Fully vaccinated Guests who arrived from an international destination within the past 5 days must undergo the rapid PCR COVID-19 test at the terminal, paid for by Disney Cruise Line. It is recommended that Guests bring their vaccination card showing the final dose was administered at least 14 days before sailing with them to the port.

Online Check-in

Online Check-in is required for your sailing and will streamline your port arrival experience. As part of this process you will need to submit the required citizenship documents as well as select a Port Arrival Time. All Guests, including our Platinum Castaway Club Guests, will need to select a Port Arrival Time. Guests arriving prior to their selected arrival time will be asked to return at the appropriate time. Online check-in can be completed or modified up to one day prior to sailing. After completing Online Check-in, you will receive a Port Arrival Form by email. Bring this with you to the port to expedite your arrival.

Motorcoach Transportation

For Guests with transfers included with their cruise vacation, motorcoach transportation from the Orlando International Airport to the port in Port Canaveral, Florida, will begin at approximately 11:30 a.m. on the day of embarkation. Resort Guest motorcoach transportation will begin at approximately 12:00 noon on the day of embarkation.

Please be sure to review the information available in the Know Before You Go section of our website for answers to many frequently asked questions.

Thank you in advance for completing these necessary steps to sail. We look forward to your arrival and appreciate your patience as we introduce these new health and safety protocols!Sincerely,

The Cast and Crew
Disney Cruise Line

DCL Pre Cruise COVID Testing Requirement Reminder Email 20210810

For the absolute most updated requirements, please visit Disney Cruise Line’s Know Before You Go webpage.

5 Replies to “Pre-Trip Reminders Including Pre-Arrival COVID-19 Testing Requirements”

  1. L

    that reddit sob story is absolutely ridiculously written. if you didn’t follow the instructions, that’s on you. and “dreams” didn’t need to be “dashed”. you obviously have time off- pivot and go to the parks instead, you’re already there. everyone else who boarded obviously understood the memo.

  2. James

    If you read some of the author’s replies, they came from WDW. And I see the Reddit post as someone letting others know what he did wrong and as a way to process what happened.

    Honestly, from seeing the DCL Blog’s screen shots of the Safe Passage website, the entire travel party from the reservation isn’t automatically listed or shown in the Safe Passage website. I think this is where the issue is coming from. Each person should be shown, just like in the DCL website and Navigator app, along with a basic status indicator for each person along with the entire party. Having separate accounts for each adult but not subaccounts for each minor, is a massive flaw.

  3. VA

    Each person is shown. Main page shows reservation info and all included in it. Each ‘section” labeled arrival, embarkation, etc….gives you status of each passenger as well for each action. It’s all clear.

  4. Jessica

    We are scheduled to sail Monday and are currently waiting for our son’s PCR results. DCL just called to let me know that our son is missing his Safe Passage info and to remind me to get it submitted as soon as possible. I guess they are trying to make sure everyone knows if they are missing documents to avoid confusion at the port.


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