Disney Cruise Line Enforcing Port Arrival Time for ALL Guests Regardless of Castaway Club Status

Following yesterday’s Disney Dream restart at Port Canaveral, Disney Cruise Line is reminding guests that port arrival times are being enforced. Unlike in the years past since the debut of port arrival times, the times are seriously being enforced. If you show up 5 minutes early, you will be turned away. Also for the first time, Platinum Castaway Club members are REQUIRED to select AND adhere to the port arrival time. No, this isn’t a perk being taken away, it the result of the new embarkation day procedures in place to promote physical distancing, and to allow Disney Cruise Line to operate as safely as possible while following necessary protocols. Concierge guests and those arriving by Disney ground transportation are an exception. Concierge may arrive at their leisure, but not before 1 o’clock, while those on Disney transportation arrive based on their bus.

DCL Port Canaveral Terminal Enforced Arrival Time Sign Doug Parker 20210809

The parking garage is being partially utilized as a pre-cruise testing area for guest driving to the port, as a result, guests will not even be allowed to enter the parking area and park before their scheduled port arrival time.

At this time, the earliest port arrival time guests are able to select during online check-in to arrive at the terminal is 1 p.m.

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Please plan your port arrival accordingly, and be kind to the Port Canaveral staff, third party vendors, and Disney Cruise Line Cast & Crew. They are all there to help facilitate your enjoyment while enforcing the new procedures. Take everything you knew about cruising and put it on the back burner, arrive at the port with an open mind and pack your patience. If that doesn’t sound like your ideal vacation, consider the options available here.

9 Replies to “Disney Cruise Line Enforcing Port Arrival Time for ALL Guests Regardless of Castaway Club Status”

  1. Heath Covey

    This is perhaps an odd scenario, but we may be in it for an upcoming cruise — if a party is being dropped off at the terminal, and that drop off HAS to occur prior to 1pm, is there a place in the immediate vicinity that you can “wait” until your PAT comes? A place that’s not in conflict with Disney, but is safe and reasonably comfortable?

  2. Sharon

    Heath… that’s what I wondered also. We will have to check out of our hotel by 11 am and will have to turn the rental car in by noon. I’d hate to have to pay for an extra day of car rental for a couple of hours. Hopefully, this all changes by the time we sail in January.

  3. CATHY

    That is awesome that you can pay upfront for parking. I can see how the new policy on port arrival times can conflict with people staying in hotels.

  4. Shari DeMarco

    If you are using Disney Transportation you do not need a port arrival time. I just got a notice stating I didnt need it and was assigned boarding group 2.

  5. James

    There doesn’t appear to be any place within walking distance. There is shops and restaurants on the south side, but a taxi ride would be required, since there isn’t a foot path on the bridges.


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