A Look at the Current Disney Cruise Line Menus (August 2021)

Earlier this month, the Disney Dream returned to passenger service with menus primarily available in the Navigator App readily accessible via QR codes found around the ship and in the various restaurants. Additionally, paper menus have been available upon request which in turn are nice little keepsakes. Below you will find the current menus from the Disney Dream’s restart for Animator’s Palate, Enchanted Garden, Royal Palace, Remy, Palo, and a sit down breakfast menu.

Dream Restart Menu Update August 2021

Animators Palate

Enchanted Garden

Royal Palace

Palo Dinner

Remy Dinner


I’d like to thank John and Tammy for their individual efforts contributing to this article! These menus as well as other can also be found via our dedicated menu page.

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  1. S

    These menus remind me of going to your favorite restaurant. Doesn’t matter how long it has been, but when you go there and look at the menu you still see your old favs on the menu and that makes the trip worth it.

    On another note, does anyone have any more insight on what the first few sailings have been like in August? Understand that present experience will continue to change but curious as to what that experience is like and if any changes have already happened.



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