The Magic is Back! The Disney Magic Returns to Passenger Service with the Debut of UK Staycations

This is a momentous day for Disney Cruise Line as the Disney Magic is back to doing what she does best after 1 year, 4 months, 2 days… Making magic for cruise passengers!!! That’s right, today, the Disney Magic embarks on her first revenue cruise since operations ceased following her return to Miami on Saturday, March 14, 2020. The Magic arrived late in the night on Wednesday ahead of today’s embarkation.

This morning, LouiseCisco shared a lovely photo of the Disney Magic docked awaiting the embarkation of her first passengers.

Disney Magic Liverpool 20210715 LouiseLouiseCisco

Disney Cruise Line posted a video of Captain Minnie over on their Disney Magic at Sea Instagram page.

The Disney Magic will spend the next few months sailings UK Staycation cruises from Liverpool, Southampton, Newcastle, and London (Tilbury).




London (Tilbury)

Good luck Disney Magic!

Are you sailing on any of this summers Disney Magic at Sea UK Staycations?

4 Replies to “The Magic is Back! The Disney Magic Returns to Passenger Service with the Debut of UK Staycations”

  1. Lars

    As much as I love to see the ship sailing with passengers again, I am not sure this is a good thing. The UK the second highest number on new Covid cases in europe right now, with delta beeing dominant. If there will be cases on the ship, the CDC may use this against the industry and ground them for even longer.

  2. Walt

    Lar. You are right and the only one on this subject making sense. Everyone one else is still on the Fantasy. People are living in a bubble and don’t want to face reality. Sad because this makes it harder for them to enjoy the norm when things get worse outside their bubbles and they are force to come back to the real world where the virus is in control and mutating. I feel sorry for them. SAD.


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