Disney Wish Deck Plan – Official PDF Version Released Along with Updated Custom Variants

Disney Cruise Line recently released an official pdf deck plan for the Disney Wish which you can see in the graphic below or by clicking this link for the full pdf.

DCL Deck Plans Wish July 2021

Aside from the stateroom color coding differences, the official desk plan is quite similar to our custom version. There are a few noticeable differences that are worth mentioning. Disney is including deck 15 on the deck plan which is part of the Wish Tower Suite 14000. Additionally, there are two staterooms, 7006 and 7504 that appear to be colored in as 9C when they are showing up on Disney Cruise Line’s interactive deck plan as 9D. I was unable to find a cruise with either of these rooms open to book to check the category, however, since the discrepancy is currently only found in the pdf, I am leaving the staterooms as 9D until I can get this clarified.

Please note, the following deck plans are UNOFFICIAL deck plans. Disney Cruise Line published the official version at the beginning of this article July 6, 2021. The following are unofficial deck plans which may vary slightly depending on a number of variables. It was created using available information. Plus, there could be designer error – sorry. The purpose is to help visualize the stateroom categories as best as possible while we all wait for all the venues to be announced. Basically, use at your own risk and always verify specifics with Disney Cruise Line prior to booking.

Now let’s take a look at the custom versions. This is not a typo, versions is plural for Version 0.3,  and the variant Version 0.3-dcl – As we sail closer to a completed deck plan, version 0.3 of our custom deck plan brings updates to a number of the venue locations that were missing from earlier releases. Additionally, there is now a variant with mirrored stateroom category colors as found in the official deck plan posted. I will admit, I appreciate the gradient colors used on the official deck plan, but it is not always easy to separate various shades of blue. Hence, the reason I am currently keeping the variant – just consider them similar to Loki and Sylvie. Wait, I think the official deck plan would be Loki, and these two would be Sylvie and Alligator Loki. Anyway…

The official deck plan, along with the two new custom deck plans have been added to the Disney Wish deck plan page. The Disney Wish staterooms are available to browse via the stateroom explorer.

11 Replies to “Disney Wish Deck Plan – Official PDF Version Released Along with Updated Custom Variants”

  1. philperrey

    Interesting. Looks like they’ve cut WAY back on adult areas on this class of ship. Cove area looks rather small too. No Satellite Falls type area either. I get that Luna will transition to an adult space in the evenings, but it certainly does appear that many of the multi-use entertainment spaces (D Lounge, for example) got the axe as they reshuffled things to make room for more concierge spaces.

  2. Chris

    It’s also odd that they have announced the 2 eating areas (including Marcelines market) and they don’t show up anywhere. Being that it seems that Marceline’s has replaced cabanas on the Wish, it looks like it may be on the back of deck 11?

  3. Paul

    Chris, are you sure that you are not talking about “1923” which has two separate dining rooms – The Walt Disney Room and Roy Disney Room

  4. Derek

    They even haven’t listed where the shops are (but there are several spots on Decks 4 and 5 that may be them), the “sweets shop” (like “Vanellope’s” on the Dream, unless it’s “Wheezy’s Freezies” on Deck 12), or even the running track. So, unless they already know where they are and not sharing, I’m not overtly “jumping for joy” over this drip-drip of news. Either BLUF (Bottom Line Up Front) now or do it when it’s ready to sail.

  5. Jeff

    Am I missing something, or does this ship basically have no equivalent to the After Hours (Magic & Wonder) / Europa (Fantasy) / The District (Dream) adults-only lounge areas of the earlier ships? Clearly they moved Senses Spa from the upper decks down to deck 5 to cram in more “premium” cabins up top, but in doing so they have displaced what otherwise might have been the space to cluster several multi-use entertainment venues on deck 5. Maybe I’m just not seeing it, but they seem to have scaled way back on the adults-only areas with this one. Very disappointed if that is indeed the case.

  6. Marcus

    It looks like a lot of Deck13 has adult only “areas” but yet the Aqua Mouse is there. If that’s the case, it won’t be very quiet. I have always thought that having Quiet Cove on the Dream/Fantasy in the middle of the ship was poor planning. As though the adult area was an afterthought. It allows children to walk through Quiet Cove. Not so quiet a lot of times. I do like the placement of the adult only pool at the back of the Wish, but the adult only pool looks very small. I’d like to see some actual photos but based on what I’m seeing now, I’d rather sail the Dream or Fantasy.


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