Disney Wish Casting Call Searching for Ship Wide Actors

Over the weekend, Disney Cruise Line put out a casting call for actors to fill immersive interactive roles around the fleet’s newest ship, the Disney Wish. Disney will be auditioning Entertainment Specialty Performers for the inaugural cast of the Disney Wish. Inspired by Commedia dell’arte, ship wide actors are improvisational comedians as well as MCs, game show hosts, and more. This duo brings the Disney Wish’s Grand Hall and Luna to life with warm and witty Guest interactions and performances. They star in several entertainment moments and ship wide shows as well as performing atmosphere sets adding to the guest experience.

The Grand Hall
The fairytale castle-inspired Grand Hall will sparkle and shimmer with enchantment as it evolves from an elegant atrium into an environmental theater with the help of a hidden layer of special effects and the first-ever atrium stage on board a Disney ship. From the ornate stage to the grand staircase to the starry chandelier above, dedicated shows and interactive entertainment will come to life all around guests in this magical new venue.

If the Grand Hall is the castle of the Disney Wish, Luna is the town square: an event gathering place that evokes the warmth and enchantment of classic Disney stories. This brand-new entertainment hub will transition from a daytime setting for family fun into an elegant evening venue for adult-exclusive entertainment, offering a variety of live shows and interactive programming throughout the day and night.

Featuring a celestial design inspired by the Disney and Pixar short “La Luna,” the venue will be outfitted with a two-story LED screen wall, stylish stage, full-service bar and spacious seating – creating an energetic atmosphere on the lower level that will buzz with community and life. The balcony will offer a more intimate setting for enjoying the festivities in small groups, with secluded seating in semi- private booths.

Luna Logo

That covers the background on the entertainment venues, here is a glimpse of the roles Disney is looking to cast for these as well as other venues aboard the Disney Wish.

Actor for Female Roles:

  • Versatile comedic, character actor with strong improvisational skills. Classic Fairy Godmother look-a-like type. This actor must be able to play the roles of royal storyteller, game show host, Pirate Captain and Fairy Godmother look-a-like. Vocal skills a plus. 

Actor for Male Roles:

  • Versatile comedic, character actor with strong improvisational skills. 30’s plus, BIPOC inclusive. This actor must play the roles of royal storyteller, man on the street interviewer, game show host and Pirate Captain. Vocal skills a plus.

Rehearsal takes place in Toronto in February 2022, with performance contracts ending in October of 2022.  Contract includes competitive pay, travel, room and board – single performance cabin, guest sailing privileges, significant contract completion bonus and some guest dining privileges. 

You can find this listing, as well as other opportunities on the Disney Careers website.

DCL Wish Auditions Ship Wide Actors 20210718

We will continue to monitor and share any new casting notices for the Disney Wish.

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