Designing the Disney Wish Video Series: Three Brand-New Family Restaurants

Today, Disney shared their latest installment of the Designing the Disney Wish video series offering a look in depth look at how Disney Cruise Line is using cinematic adventure, theatrical entertainment and sophisticated elegance to bring family dining to a whole new level.

Last week Disney Cruise Line shared new details about Worlds of Marvel, the first-ever Marvel cinematic dining adventure, premiering aboard the Disney Wish. The Disney Wish will take guests on an unparalleled culinary journey to an Avengers technology showcase, an enchanted “Frozen” kingdom and the golden age of Hollywood. Dinner aboard this ship will be so much more than a meal – it will be a chance to interact with favorite Disney stories in exciting new ways that only Disney Cruise Line can cook up.

Below are some screenshots from today’s video to take a closer look at some new details for the 3 rotational main dining restaurants aboard the Disney Wish.


Named for the year The Walt Disney Company was founded, 1923 is an elegant celebration of the company’s legacy, paying homage to the golden age of animation and offering a tasteful tribute to its Californian heritage.

Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Adventure

Arendelle: A Frozen Dining Adventure is Disney’s first “Frozen”-themed theatrical dining experience, bringing the kingdom of Arendelle to life through immersive live entertainment — featuring favorite characters like Elsa, Anna, Kristoff and Olaf — and world-class cuisine infused with Nordic influences.

Worlds of Marvel

Worlds of Marvel is the first-ever Marvel cinematic dining adventure, where guests will play an interactive role in an action-packed Avengers mission that unfolds around them, complete with a worldly menu inspired by the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

4 Replies to “Designing the Disney Wish Video Series: Three Brand-New Family Restaurants”

  1. Jo

    The seating in each of these MDRs looks as if they squeezed as many chairs together as possible. It may be so more people will have a view of the activities, but does not look all that comfortable for dining. I would think it would make it more difficult for the servers also.

  2. Margot

    Yeah, being a fat person I am always checking things out in restaurants for comfortable seating and easy access (ok I’m old, I go potty alot too!) and I just kept thinking about where we would sit and if I could request an “end” table but of course that may not be the same in every restaurant so… We also have a mobility challenged member of our group and he would find that difficult to navigate.
    Aside from that I don’t want to feel like part of a 20 foot table, I want to be able to have a conversation with my table mates and not have to shout. Looks like it may end up being Palo or Marceline… Or maybe it’s just time to realize this is not “my” Disney anymore, they’re not catering to me and my preferences and they’re after a different crowd. Time for me to go Viking?! I don’t know. We will see. Still looking forward to next summer and our B-T-B in June!

  3. mypftaccount

    I would suggest everyone not freak out about artist renderings of dining rooms that have not yet been built. Conceptual art and reality tend to be very different things.

  4. Margot

    I do so hope you are right, mypftaccount! Just taking an opportunity to send a message if Disney is paying attention as I don’t “do” facebook, instagram, twitter, etc…
    Besides, freaking out and walking it back are my pastime. LOL.


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