Disney Wish Stateroom Model on Display at Meyer Werft

Recently, a reader visited the Jos L. Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg, Germany. During the self guided tour they were able to see the inside of a verandah stateroom room which was on display.

Special thanks to S Banner for sharing.

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  1. Tyler

    Just my opinion, but they are making a huge mistake not having the TV in the kids sleeping/sitting area. My kids love turning on the classic Mickey shorts before they fall asleep while my wife and I read. Love hearing them laugh as we get ready for another day of fun. I hope they rethink that.

  2. Jo

    Tyler, we agree 100%. Also, in the inside cabins, there is no longer a virtual porthole. From these pictures, the cabins just look like an average motel room only smaller. I am sure the picture above the bed is very nice, but it seems as if they are trying to NOT look like a cruise ship but more like one of their resorts.

  3. Lisa

    I’m very disappointed. The room is very ‘blah’. It actually looks dated. The carpet is just a solid blue with no pattern. The bedding is all white with no pop of color. Seems like there is less storage now. I agree that there should be a TV for the kids. But they probably went with the research that shows that kids don’t watch TV anymore because they all have devices. I think the current rooms on the Fantasy/Dream look much better.

  4. Margot

    We have a back to back booked in June 22. I already was a little nervous looking at the plans and released drawings etc. that the adult area did not look as extensive as the Dream and Fantasy. Now that my kids are adults we spend much more time there. I am also sad about the spa not being in the adult area. Not sure what views the “rainforest” or whatever it may be on the Wish will have. Again – I spend lots of time there. Often start my day there. And I am soooooo tired of the “corporate” hotel room. Why did they have to do this on the cruiseships? Who is driving this? What would Walt think? Maybe I’m in the minority. Makes me very sad. It’s not that I grew up and changed and want to leave Disney, It’s that Disney changed and left me behind. And I don’t enjoy watching TV sitting on the bed. I want to sit on the couch and chair with my family! I am hoping it pulls out and swivels??? But still so far away. And I go to the bathroom at least 4 times a night. I am sure that in my sleepiness I will crash into it more than once because I usually sleep on the couch or the bed if we choose a family cabin. Arrg! Ye Matey! I’m hopeful the ship will blow me away in every other way and I will forget my kvetching! LOL!

  5. Liz

    Margot, you are not in the minority. I don’t think Walt would be happy with the “corporate” hotel room on the ships (or the resorts). Disney has always been known for its imaginative detailing and the plain blue carpet and all white bedding is not the Disney I know and love. I hope the rest of the ship will have more exciting Disney touches. My husband is handicapped and is in the stateroom quite a bit and enjoys sitting on the couch watching TV. It will be hard for him to sit on the bed and watch TV, especially without back support, or sit on the couch and strain to watch TV with it being so far away. Disney is making a big mistake moving the location of the TV. I also spend a lot of time in the rainforest and really hope we will have views of the ocean like on the Fantasy.

  6. Paul T

    I have seen pictures of the current remodeling of the rooms at Wilderness Lodge, Contemporary and Polynesian Walt Disney World. They all have a very distinctive Disney theme with an obvious large amount of money spent in the design. As with these high end luxury resorts, I think that the WISH should be in the same category. I am disappointed in the cabin rendering

  7. Jerry

    I think the mirror is meant to be a magic mirror – if you look at some of the videos on the Disney Parks channel when they revealed the spaces of the Wish, in a shot of a stateroom, you can see something in the glass that doesn’t look like a reflection. So, maybe that’s the couch facing TV?

    Plus, in the videos, there’s a lot more stuff – patterned carpet, more wall decorations, curtain installed, etc. I really wonder if what we’re looking at is meant as an architectural model as opposed to final interior design. If nothing else, this is Disney – I can’t believe that they would just have the final cabin just sitting out in the open as a part of the shipyard tour, as opposed to making it some sort of event of “SEE THE REAL CABIN” etc.

  8. Paul T

    To elaborate on my previous comment they can name each cabin deck after a princess and theme the cabins room after that princess: “Cinderella” Deck 6 – “Snow White” Deck 7 – “Ariel” Deck 8 -“Belle” Deck 9 – “Tiana” Deck 10 – “Rapunzel” Deck 11 – “Moana” – Deck 12 – “Merida” Deck 13 The graphics and signage in elevator lobbies could be outstanding. Disney always says that they story tellers. Tell the stories on each deck

  9. Ron

    @Jerry completely agree. Also there’s alot that still hasn’t been announced. like the theming for “Cabanas”. Half of deck 11 is still. unannounced and there’s more stuff on decks 3-5 that haven’t been revealed.

  10. Jonathan

    Rather un inspiring. Looks like all the other ships. Nothing to wow you. Where is the innovation? C’mon Disney this is the best you got?

  11. Margot

    Now that would be awesome! Although I do have a little trouble viewing those in the resorts (like Grand Floridian Villas) but maybe that’s just a bathroom vibe/thing. What a great thought and of course! Why didn’t I think of that? Duh.

  12. Margot

    All these great ideas and comments. As usual I panic and freak out. Really have to work on that. Yes, there is more to come and lots of unknowns. But I also think it may be helpful to comment to let Disney know where fans are, and how they can change/refine things to make everyone happy. Or it is already all so fabulous that we just won’t even know what to do with the excitement when the true final reveal takes place. Silly ole Margot. As my son says: “it’s all good, everything will be fine”.

  13. BartmanLA

    Gotta say I wasn’t impressed, but then again this is a MOCK UP, this very well and probably won’t reflect the FINAL style or design for the themes and flair that Disney is known for. This might just be showing the layout, and potential arrangement of fixtures. DCL could very well be holding back the final designs and theming until the ship is completed. So I’ll reserve my utlimate comments until then. I have a feeling this isn’t at all what the actual staterooms will look like when the ship is finished.

  14. Tyler

    I have full faith in Disney when it comes to the decor and feel of the room. They have never let me down and I don’t expect the flagship of their fleet will be the first time. The rooms are going to be amazing. My original post was limited to the TV in the kids/ sitting area. I was wondering if that mirror might serve a dual purpose so until I learn otherwise, I’m going to hope it doubles as a TV as well.

    Let’s not lose faith in our folks at Disney! I’ll be on the Wish for a B2B in June. Can’t wait!


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