Additional Serenity Bay Cabanas Added at Castaway Cay

For adults looking for a private cabana at Disney’s Castaway Cay, there are now two additional cabanas, #26 and #27, in the inventory with potentially and additional two on the horizon.

DCL Serenity Bay Cabana 26 27 Online Booking May 2021

Serenity Bay is the adults-only area of Castaway Cay reserved exclusively for adults 18 years of age and over.

Until passengers return, we are left speculating where the new Serenity Bay Cabanas are located, below is the Castaway Cay Cabana map which was handed out prior to the cruise industry shutdown.

Castaway Cay Beach Cabana Retreat Information Locations Map August 2018

Looking closer at Disney Cruise Line’s online map for Castaway Cay, I am counting what appear to be 8 Serenity Bay Cabanas which would mean the ultimate plan is to double the amount from 4 to 8.

DCL Castaway Cay Serenity Bay Map May 2021

With the reveal of the Disney Wish and the 70 concierge staterooms (regardless of Castaway Club level, concierge guests get the first opportunity to book everything), cabanas at Castaway Cay are going to be an even hotter commodity. For now, there are 6 Serenity Bay Cabanas in the inventory for guests to book for future cruises to Castaway Cay. We will continue to monitor and report back if indeed the other two become reality.

5 Replies to “Additional Serenity Bay Cabanas Added at Castaway Cay”

  1. Walt

    I never stayed in a cabana before………but up to 4 and up to 10 (age) for 8 hours?
    Wow. DCL could do better than that. It’s only for one day. But then again that is me. My time at Castaway Cay is really to move around the island and enjoy myself with my immediate family if I choose to get off the ship knowing that my stateroom will be there for us when we get back onboard. I know that is my thinking only.

  2. Brett Bailey

    The cabanas are nice, if you have a big party. We spoke with a few fellow passengers that they love to have a massage done on the beach. While its only my wife and I, we have been to Serenity Bay only twice, we usually have a lot of fun at the big beach to snorkel of use our floats. Just let us lay in sun (unless its rains which have had happen to us) and relax with nothing to do!

  3. Doris Thompson

    I booked Cabana 26 for my November 2020 sailing that was canceled so they have been around at least that long.


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