Disney Cruise Line Quietly Adjusting Disney Magic at Sea Staycation Offerings for Summer 2021

UPDATE: On Friday, April 16, 2021 Disney Cruise Line released a revised summer schedule for the UK Staycations

Over the weekend, Disney Cruise Line removed the itinerary details for the Disney Magic at Sea Staycations leaving just the details on the advanced booking dates. Overnight, the advanced booking details were removed. Now, it simply states bookings begin on April 19th. Additionally, the overall offerings have been truncated to sailings from Liverpool and Southampton with London (Tilbury) and Newcastle no longer mentioned on Disney’s overview page for the limited time UK staycations.

The revised overview reads:

This Summer, Set Sail on a Unique Disney Staycation at Sea Aboard 2-, 3- and Limited 4-Night Cruises from the UK

Departing on select dates from Liverpool and Southampton aboard the Disney Magic, our new staycation sailings—exclusive to UK residents—invite you to embark on a brand-new, magical Disney experience. Close to home and at sea—be immersed in Disney storytelling, thanks to an amazing collection of onboard entertainment, dining and recreation for the entire family, with all the care you’d expect from Disney. Bookings begin 19th April.

New! UK Staycations with Disney Magic at Sea – April 13, 2021 (archived pdf)
DCL UK Staycations Overview 20210413

It is unclear what is happening since Disney Cruise Line did not put out a press release or publish details on the Disney Parks Blog last week when the sailing details appeared online. The removal of London (Tilbury) and Newcastle could imply the restart is being pushed, possibly due to pending government approval, as those were the first two homeports when sailings were quietly announced last week for June and early July.

We will continue to monitor this story and provide updates as they become available. I would suggest to check Disney Cruise Line’s website regularly as they continue to refine and share additional details.

7 Replies to “Disney Cruise Line Quietly Adjusting Disney Magic at Sea Staycation Offerings for Summer 2021”

  1. MS

    This has me baffled… The UK has basically been in lock down for almost the entire time since the start. Numbers have been stated as high. Pubs and eateries just opened in small capacity. Summer cruises in UK but USA locked down with NO cruises. Why couldn’t Disney just set sail and stop a day or few at Castaway-? Sure it’s Bahamas so it meets the foreign port of call required rule. Plus it’s segregated from the main islands.

  2. Langerhan

    UK cases per million are about a tenth of USA cases per million. UK cases are also dropping, while US cases continue to climb. World in Data is a good site with lots of comparative info about this. Sorry that you’re upset about not cruising, MS, but there are good reasons for it.

  3. B

    Yet – no other mode of transportation has been shut down as cruising currently is. We will never see what happened at the beginning of all of this with cruises again – where everyone freaked out and set their hair on fire. I’m not trying to argue if the lockdowns work or slow the spread or what not. I’m just saying, there really has been no consistency with cruising vs flying, trains and other modes of transpiration. Knowing what we know about the virus today (and there is still much to learn, no doubt) I’m ready to be cruising as safe as we/they can ASAP. I have gotten my vaccine (not debating that personal issue or if it should be required – I don’t make those rules) and do my part with the required cruising safety initiatives. Politics aside – the coin has been flipped so many times, I’m not sure you can see the heads or tails of either side. So much inconsistency – it just makes you wonder…

  4. Walt

    Look at HBO Max “Last cruise” to understand why things are the way it is with cruising vs other recreational activities. The governments were more involved and at risks than they wanted to be. And in the end eventually took the blame and expenses the cruise line industries refused to accept. Get over people. Look at the bigger picture. Patience.


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