Castaway Cay Solar Panel Installation to Power Nearly 70% of Disney’s Private Island in The Bahamas

Disney is celebrating Earth Day 2021 by highlighting their use of solar power across the globe. At Disney’s Castaway Cay in the The Bahamas, the new solar facility installation is nearing completion and will provide nearly 70% of the power required to operate the private island destination.

Disney Cruise Line is continuing to make steps towards reducing their carbon footprint with the upcoming launch of a new class of cruise ship powered by LNG, and a planned solar farm at Disney Cruise Line’s future private destination, Lighthouse Point.

Lighthouse Point Illustrative Concept Plan Solar Farm 20191016
Lighthouse Point Illustrative Conceptual Plan

Head over to the Disney Parks Blog for more on how Disney is harnessing the sun to power the parks.

3 Replies to “Castaway Cay Solar Panel Installation to Power Nearly 70% of Disney’s Private Island in The Bahamas”

  1. Brett Bailey

    This is great news and we are happy to see this kind of thing that Disney once again leads the way, just like they did in 1959 with the Monorail, which I wish would be more widespread in the world.
    It would be interesting to know how much power this will generate for the island(s) and how much they can store for when they have the rain, cloudy days, hurricanes, or storms in general?

  2. James

    I don’t understand why every building isn’t covered in solar panels. The would help with the remote tropical island vibe. It’s so far away from society that there is no power grid to connect to.

  3. Jenny

    I can’t see the connection between why every building isn’t covered in solar panels and remote tropical island vibe.
    A remote tropical island vibe includes native structures built with resources found in the area (palm thatched huts). But they are not structurally built to connect the solar panes to the roof frame let alone withstand tropical winds, let alone hurricanes (think of the panel as a wing).
    Conventional construction with steel, concrete, and CMU blocks would support the panels but would not have the vibe of the tropics.
    The remote location on ground supports is the best application for the project. Besides, solar panels reflect the sunlight. Picture Gulliver (Gulliver’s Travels) signaling for help with a mirror (multiple solar panels on every building) and how the Lilliputians would react.


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