Hubert Rolle Named Island Operations Director for Disney’s Castaway Cay

Disney Cruise Line appointed Hubert Rolle from New Providence as the Island Operations Director for Castaway Cay, the most senior role on the island. Rolle is responsible for all day-to-day operations of the island, including providing leadership oversight for all lines of business, serving as the point of contact locally for matters related to Castaway Cay, and driving business results by creating an extraordinary guest, cast and crew experiences.

DCL LHP Hubert Rolle Appointed Island Director Of Disney Castaway Cay

“I’m grateful to Disney for this leadership opportunity,” said Rolle. “This pandemic has had a significant impact on tourism throughout The Bahamas and I know that for many Bahamians this has meant unexpected hardship. I’m proud to work for an organization that is dedicated to providing opportunities for my fellow Bahamians even as the industry charts its recovery. I look forward to building an incredible team as we work toward a successful restart of our cruise operations and welcoming our guests back to The Bahamas.”

Over the next several months, Disney Cruise Line is recruiting Bahamians to fill several positions in a range of disciplines, and with opportunities for training and advancement. Available positions include numerous management roles, including the newly created Island Director in Training. This position will work in a variety of leadership roles on Castaway Cay to gain critical knowledge and exposure to various operational areas in preparation for future advancement.

“Our pause in operations has given us a chance to evaluate how we operate Castaway Cay,” said Yvonne Sweeney, Disney Cruise Line vice president of human resources. “While we’ve always had a significant number of job opportunities for Bahamians, we’ve made the decision to expand on these efforts and commit to filling all positions on the island with Bahamians. We’ve seen such strong talent in The Bahamas, and we recognize that it’s more important than ever to hire locally.”

Bahamians are encouraged to apply for other management and frontline roles. All available positions offer competitive compensation with benefits. Interested job seekers can learn more and apply for available positions by visiting,

2 Replies to “Hubert Rolle Named Island Operations Director for Disney’s Castaway Cay”

  1. Drew

    Was this the position that was held by Guenter Schmid for so many years? If so, is there any news whether he retired to transitioned into another role with Disney?

  2. RamRod

    Congratulations Mr. Rolle! It’s great to see that Disney is able to help out during the pandemic. Best of luck! 10th times the charm, right? How many Island Directors has DCL gone through since Hurricane Dorian? It has to be in the double digits since Guenter left. What happened to panic Peter, or Lloyd Macchiato, or bourbon street George, or Michele, or Steven, or Lisa, or Mats, or or or… I’m sure there’s no pattern here, except being chosen by Ozer. They all proclaimed transparency, but has anyone heard that their entire international crew on the island has been terminated? Sounds icky, right? Expand? I think Yvonne meant “Replaced.”

    It’s ok though, it’s not like there were educated, career oriented or magical moment driven crew members on the island working for DCL 10, 15 or even 20+ years. I’m sure they were offered something. The ol’ “when a position is available you can have this entry level spot and you’ll work your way up in no time.” Nailed it.

    At least Yvonne has some kind words for this post. It’s good to know where she draws the line. A global pandemic has given her time to “evaluate” Castaway Cay, but holding Crew Members hostage (thanks Guenter) during a category five hurricane just doesn’t make the cut. She’ll just call her PRunty mop for cleanup on Isle C. It’s easy to silence a group when you throw money at them ($500 to be exact) and pretend you’re there to help. Look at how fast that Tweet was taken down, right? The one that made headline news in some places… Good thing it didn’t include the photos of 106 crew members shoved into a shelter with wooden plank beds lined with pool floats, approved for 45, but can double in a crisis to 90 max pop? Never mind the smoking and drinking that occurred inside.

    Again, best of luck, I’m sure the whole of shoreside is just rallying behind you, even though they never have been. If not, you can always find Ozer in his Cabana “overseeing” operations. Have you guys even met yet? At least the new crew mess is almost finished. It’s been under development since 2016, should be quite the accomplishment. Oh- and good luck with opening the second island, with an all Bahamian crew you should have no problem now.

    Stop paying your Crew Members in cash. They are using it to pay each other for “services.” If this doesn’t make sense, ask any of the other 10 Island Directors which containers to check at night…


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