The Vault: Premier’s Big Red Boat Advertisement – Spring 1993

In this installment of The Vault, we are going to take a voyage back to 1993 with a look at another advertisement for the early days of land and sea vacations via Disney’s partnership with Premier Cruise Lines. This full page advertisement featuring Premier’s Big Red Boat was included in the Spring 1993 edition of Disney New Magazine.

Disney News Magazine 1993 Spring Big Red Boat Ad

Dinner at Eight. Black Ears Optional.

Disney News Magazine 1993 Spring Big Red Boat Ad Copy

It’s a romantic dinner on the Caribbean Sea. It’s Mickey or his friends and all their magic. It’s Premier’s Cruise and Disney Vacation. The best way for your family to experience two vacations in one: a 3- or 4-day Bahamas cruise and a 3- or 4-day stay at Walt Disney World. Only on Premier’s Big Red Boat, the Official Cruise Line of Walt Disney World, will you find dinner guests that are quite animated. Or a crew that’s a little Goofy. Because Disney characters sail on every cruise. And only Premier’s Cruise and Disney Vacation guarantees you stat at a Walt Disney World Report. You’ll get Premier’s exclusive All Three Parks Passports with unlimited admission to Walt Disney World pus River Country and Pleasure Island, am much, much more. It’s an incredible value you’ll only find on Premier’s Cruise and Disney Vacation. For a more inviting look, see your travel agent or call 1-800-473-#### for a free brochure.* Oh, and about dinner. Don’t worry. We’ll supply the ears.

1993 Premier’s Big Red Boat Ad Copy – Disney News Magazine Spring 1993

I intentionally did not include the full phone number in the ad copy above as this number is now being used by another business. How do I know, I called to inquire about the brochure and video. Any chance anyone has a copy of the “Cruise and Disney Vacation” video on VHS that is referenced in the fine print of the ad copy?

I am constantly on the look out for fun and unique items like this share in future installments of The Vault, if you have anything unique to share drop me an email.

Big Red Boat TeePublic Promo
Premier Cruise Lines TeePublic Promo

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  1. Lori Friedman

    Has anyone ever made a model version of the Premier Big Red Boat. My autistic brother is obsessed with this and I’d love to fulfill his wish


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