The Vault: Pre-Launch Disney Cruise Line Discover Uncharted Magic Spring 1998 Promotional Video VHS

In this installment of The Vault, we are going to take a trip back to a time when the magic was uncharted, and Discover Uncharted Magic via a promotional VHS tape available before the construction of the Disney Magic was complete. There is a partial date printed remaining on the actual VHS tape ending in 97 which does fit the timeline for the pre-marketing efforts leading up to the Disney Magic’s maiden voyage which was originally planned for March 1998 before the construction delay moved the maiden voyage to July 30, 1998.

The promotional video is about 6-minutes and utilizes a heavy dose of creative license showing another cruise ship as the Disney Magic, and various land based locations at the Disney Parks to promote onboard offerings such as the Beauty and the Beast: Live on Stage from Disney-MGM Studios when talking about the 1000 seat theatre.

On the back of the of the VHS slipcase is the following summary.

A Land & Sea Adventure
You Will Never Forget.

Seven unforgettable days. One incredible vacation. Stay at a Walt Disney World Resort hotel. List The Walt Disney World Theme Parks. Then, come aboard Disney Magic, a ship like none other with spectacular entertainment and enchanting adventures that only Disney could create. Here, a new kind of magic unfolds on a ship inspired by the glorious ocean liners of the past. Adults find excitement and romance. Children have the time of their lives and families come together in a shared journey into discovery. It all happens in a world where fantasy comes to life. ON a ship that floats on fun.

See Your Travel Agent

Disney Cruise Line’s pre-launch promotional VHS slip case features the Disney Magic sailing in front of a Mickey moon.

DCL 1997 Discover Uncharted Magic Spring 1998 Promotional Video VHS

I hope you enjoyed another fun look back to the early days of Disney Cruise Line. Special thanks again to Peter Whitney for mailing me the tape to digitize this promotional video. Peter, sorry it took so long, hard a hard time finding a working VCR after mine broke.

Check out a previous installment of The Vault, where we’ve shared other promotional VHS tapes, marketing materials from Premier Cruise Lines, and even some other lines Disney partnered with prior to the launch of Disney Cruise Line.

If you have anything similar tucked away in a closet let me know. I’d love to share it in a future article.

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  1. Nicholas James Hasey

    Very nice video! I’ve been looking for another tape like this for MANY years now! I probably should let you know, I have another version of this tape with the actual filming locations on the ship itself.


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