Disney Cruise Terminal 8 Baggage Claim Murals

Sailing the high seas with Disney Cruise Line is something special, but all good things eventually come to an end. However, for those returning through Disney’s terminal at Port Canaveral the experience is not over. In the baggage claim area on the ground floor of Cruise Terminal 8, you will encounter a collection of museum worthy murals featuring various aspects of a Disney Cruise vacation. The murals depict a vintage look building off the concept of the modern classic Disney Cruise ship which were inspired by classic ocean liners.

Similar to some museums, photography is understandably prohibited in the baggage claim area because the space is a restricted area due to US Customs and Border Protection. As a result of the industry shutdown and the renovation of the terminal, we can now enjoy these amazing works of art. I really want to thank Michael DiLauro, facilities manager at Port Canaveral, for sharing these images which were captured during an appropriate opportunity during the renovation of the terminal.

I reached out to one of the artist who created a number of murals for the launch of the Disney Magic to determine the artist’s name who created these fantastic murals. If I hear back (or if you happen to know the artists, please let me know) I’ll update this post with the artist information.

12 Replies to “Disney Cruise Terminal 8 Baggage Claim Murals”

  1. Pete Saetre

    These are awesome!!!! These should be offered as posters. They remind me a lot of the postcards and other items in the drawer in the room. Not to mention the materials you received as part of your sailing documents before the cruise.

  2. Walt

    Scott. Just curious. Will it be something they will allow you to take pictures of and with? Just curious. I really like that.

  3. Mary Janj Kovall

    These have been up for years and if they are put back up after the renovations I doubt they will allow photos. They strictly forbid any photos in the customs/baggage claim area. I have witnessed several people over the course of many DCL cruises being reprimanded about taking photos of these murals.

  4. Mary Jane

    They are so beautiful they just beg to be taken photos of but no dice. I love how large the murals area. They brighten up an otherwise plain looking area. I do hope they come back after the renovations and very happy to be able to see them now.

  5. Valued Customer

    “Similar to some museums, photography is understandably prohibited in the baggage claim area because the space is a restricted area due to US Customs and Border Protection.”

  6. Jo

    Reminds me when DCL sent the most beautiful materials with your cruise embarkation forms. Even the ticket binder had a beautiful cover. Yes, they use to mail you actual tickets and everything came in a beautiful folder that looked like an old piece of luggage.

  7. Ana Gaillat

    Thank you for bringing back memories!
    These murals are so beautiful and I miss them so much!
    Almost a year since I last sailed!
    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

  8. Brett Bailey

    I would like to believe that DCL will (at some point) offer or sell prints to passengers, if not the general public. in the near future when the renovations and new ships come on line. These are way too beautiful to be tucked away where no one is allowed to photograph them (understandable considering the location) but these beg to photographed as a remembrance of a cruise.


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