Fleet-wide Stateroom Category Changes on the Horizon Ahead of the Disney Wish Launch

Along with today’s announcement that the Disney Wish will sail her maiden voyage Summer 2022, Disney Cruise Line revealed plans to update their stateroom categories, beginning in 2022, to provide greater consistency across the fleet. 

Disney Cruise Line will be eliminating some categories and modifying the concierge categories in an effort to make things more intuitive for their guests. Not all stateroom categories are changing, and the number of staterooms and cabin numbers will remain the same for all ships.

According to DCL, these changes will not go into effect until 2022. For sailings in 2020 and 2021, Disney Cruise Line will continue to sell the current stateroom categories.

We will share more on the stateroom category changes when more details are announced.

3 Replies to “Fleet-wide Stateroom Category Changes on the Horizon Ahead of the Disney Wish Launch”

  1. Steven

    Hi, I”m not happy about the fact that DCL is adding more concierge rooms. I first sailed on DCL in 2001 and at that time EVERYONE was treated the same. No matter which statement you purchased, all guests were treated well. Now we have “tiers” of treatment. If you have more money you can be treated better than others. Plus converting cabins to concierge takes away nice cabin locations for those who don’t have the money to spend on concierge.

  2. Laura

    Does it say they are adding concierge rooms? I hope the Wish has more rooms that fit families of 5-6. All the letter and number room categories are confusing. Maybe they will make that simpler?

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      No, this is more of a way to use one set of category names across the fleet. For example, the Royal Suite may be called Category 1 with more breakout based on different room types that are on the Disney Wish and her future sisters. Looking at other cruise lines, they have a lot of different and some very unique suites. I would be shocked if DCL doesn’t offer some unique staterooms such as the family/kids suite on Royal that has the slide in the room. Nothing is changing on the current fleet except for possible changes to category naming.

      It will help when there are 3 classes of ships to know that a Category 2 is similar across all classes if all ships have a cat 2 stateroom.


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