PSA: Verify Your Disney Cruise Line Castaway Club Status Before Opening Day

Do you enjoy waiting on hold, or spending 30+ minutes on the phone dealing with account issues? No, I didn’t think you did. So, if you are planning to book one fo the recently announced Disney Cruise sailings for early 2022 online, I highly recommend taking a few minutes out of your day to log into your Disney Cruise Line account to verify your account is linked correctly to your Castaway Club account to double your proper Castaway Club status before the cruises go on sail beginning Monday. It will be much easier to take care of this today or over the weekend while the call volume is lower versus waiting until next week when guests are calling to book new cruises.

Included in yesterday’s itinerary announcement, Disney made it a point via a bullet point to recommend guests to log in and verify your account.

DCL CC Status Check Reminder

Step 1: Log In

If you’re an existing member, simply log in to your account on Disney Cruise Line’s website

DCL CC Status Check Login Landing Page

Step 2: Click Log In

You will be taken to Disney’s login page to enter your credentials.

DCL CC Status Check Login

Step 3: Verify Your Castaway Club Status

The log in will redirect back to the Castaway Club page where your details will be shown in a box in the upper right of the page. This is the spot to verify your Castaway Club status, so you’ll be all set to book on your designated date.

DCL CC Status Check

If you have any questions about your Castaway Club status, please contact Disney Cruise Line at (800) 449-3380. Guests under 18 years of age must have parent or guardian permission to call. For Guests calling from outside the U.S. with reservation inquiries, please call 0800 171 2317 (United Kingdom) or +001 (800) 951-3532 (International).

Where to find your Castaway Club Number

For those who do not know their Castaway Club number and have a Key to the World (KTTW) card from a previous Disney Cruise, you are in luck. The Disney Cruise KTTW card has your Castaway Club ID printed on the card. In the example below, my 8-digit Castaway Club ID number is printed in the spot blocked out in the image below.

DCL CC Status Check KTTW Card Castaway Club Number

There are some cards where the number is truncated and will not display all digits of the ID. Another place to look for your Castaway Club ID is in Reservation Confirmation email from Disney Cruise Line in the Guest Information section.

DCL CC Status Check Reservation Confirmation Email

I hope you find the above information helpful and in some cases save any delay booking a cruise on opening day.

7 Replies to “PSA: Verify Your Disney Cruise Line Castaway Club Status Before Opening Day”

  1. Jill Courville

    I have “completed” three cruises so I am silver BUT I have 4 has cruises booked and paid in full cancelled that would have pushed me to Gold status and DCL is saying that does not cout. But I purposefully booked those so I would achieve Gold for 2022 booking and a summer 2021 Alaska cruise I have upcoming for excursion booking. I am very upset DCL has not altered this to include booked and paid for in full during covid to count towards status.

    1. Mark

      Club Status is based on the number of -completed cruises-. It has nothing to do with how many reservations you’ve made, whether they’re paid in full or not, nor how much they cost. When you BOARD your fifth cruise, your Key to the World card will show Gold but your Gold Benefits do not begin until you return to port and debark the ship.

  2. Walt

    Jill you are only credited after you complete your cruise. It has been like that for a long time, which make sense. Sorry?

  3. Bill

    When does online booking start, is it 8AM or midnight for the respective Castaway Club tier? I can’t seem to recall when the online booking starts for new sailings.

  4. Kathleen Hein

    Yep. I logged in and it wasn’t linked at all. Because I am the one who does all the check in stuff, but my husband was the one who booked via travel agent for our only cruise. I had changed my account to his name, but not his birthday. The CM says they check to make sure it all matches. He fixed it and we are set for next week. We are using placeholder, so still have to call next week.


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