Happy Halloween on the Dry Land

Happy Halloween everybody! In leu of Halloween on the High Seas, since 99.9% of us are all spending the day on dry land let’s turn our focus to a land based onboard cruise craft. Earlier this week, the Disney Parks Blog published a Pumpkin Tree Book Nook DIY printable craft and re-shared The Legend of the Pumpkin Trees just in time for Halloween.

At sea and on land I enjoy these activities. I decided to pre-color mine using Photoshop before printing out the paper craft. You can download both the original which was taken from the Disney Parks Blog that you can color in yourself, or cheat and print out the pre-colored version which uses an older Halloween on the High Seas wallpaper as the background.

Once printed out, I rummaged through the recycling bin for a cardboard box to cut up for the project. The dimensions for each side are included in the printed instructions. I will say, I didn’t follow the directions on the taps of the printouts to the letter and just glued the sheets to the inside of the cardboard box. I held the box together with packing tape and used black string to hang the pumpkins.

Once assembled, the book nook was dark. Since there is a void behind the back panel, I cut a hole in the back of the box, for a backlight to bring the Pumpkin Tree to life.

Hope you all have a safe and enjoyable Halloween! If you give this project, post a picture on social media and tag me. Below is a selection of Pumpkin Trees from Halloween on the High Seas voyages from the past.

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