Bonjour! The Disney Cruise Line Fleet Together at Last in Brest, France

When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. While the circumstances leading up to the Disney Cruise Line fleet assembling in Brest, France are not ideal, the result is an epic family photo of the Disney Magic, Disney Dream, Disney Fantasy, and Disney Wonder.

The photo was taken aboard the Disney Dream by Dave Krijgsman and posted on Instagram.

I really hope Disney Cruise Line takes further advantage of this unique opportunity to take some epic family photos along the lines of what Celebrity Cruises pulled off earlier this week.

The fleet is using the shipyard in Brest, France for dry/wet dock to get the ships ready for the eventual restart. No details have been shared publicly on the work being done, but at this time the Disney Dream and Disney Magic have been out of water in the dry dock berth at the shipyard.

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  1. Jay Bonnet

    Sorry if I missed it but what are they all doing there? One assumes some sort of dry dock but if so what are they actually doing to the ships?

  2. James Arthur

    It looks like routine haul inspections, maintenance and repairs. That way they can sale for 5 years before the next required dry dock. I haven’t seen anything that indicates reimagineering.

  3. Peter E. Perini, Sr.

    I would predict that the restart of Disney Cruise Line (at least for cruises originating in the United States) will not be for another 6 to 8 months from now, that is restarting sometime between April and June of 2021. And even then with heavy restrictions, including and especially proof of vaccination and a negative covid-19 test within seven days prior to departure date.

  4. James Arthur

    I’m surprised there hasn’t been any announcements for changes especially related to CDC guidelines. I would think Cabanas would be modified to be no longer self service buffet. I could see it changing to a cafeteria style food service. Or permanent quick table service.

  5. Steve H

    Since we are speculating, mine is that DCL is upgrading HVAC systems to better inhibit Covid19 (merv13, bipolar ionization, etc.). This would be quite significant to reducing risk. But, I really don’t know and wish they would provide more details. I do expect DCL to be cruising by January 1, 2021. Again, that’s speculative, or, maybe wishful thinking.


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