Disney Cruise Line Planning an Upgrade to the Online Check-In System

Disney Cruise Line issued a notice this afternoon to travel agents to inform the travel professionals a system upgrade will soon occur centering around the online check-in process. As a result of the planned upgrade, Disney Cruise Line’s online check-in will be unavailable beginning on Tuesday, Sept. 1, 2020.

DCL Online Check In Upgrade Notice

No additional details or duration of the upgrade were provided, except a note that emails will eventually be sent when the system upgrade is complete and it is time to complete the new online check-in process.

Below is a look at the Online Check-In Overview as of publication, prior to the upgrade.

DCL Online Check In Overview 20200831

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  1. James Arthur

    Hopefully it allows for entering the guest and travel info before the check in date and for linked reservations to select a single PAT for all of the reservations at 1 time.


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