CDC Extends No Sail Order for Cruise Ships Through September 30, 2020

Today, the CDC announced the extension of it’s No Sail Order for cruise ships in U.S. waters through September 30, 2020. The No Sail Order was set to expire on July 24th. Below is the update posted by the CDC.

July 16, 2020 Update

On July 16, 2020, CDC extended the No Sail Order and Suspension of Further Embarkation; Notice of Modification and Extension and Other Measures Related to Operations signed by the CDC Director on April 9, 2020—subject to the modifications and additional stipulated conditions as set forth in this Order. The Order is effective upon signature and will be published in the Federal Register.

This Order is in effect until one of the following occurs:

  • The expiration of the Secretary of Health and Human Services’ declaration that COVID-19 constitutes a public health emergency,
  • The CDC Director rescinds or modifies the order based on specific public health or other considerations, or
  • September 30, 2020.

The extended No Sail Order can be read in it’s entirety in this 20-page pdf.

This extended No Sail Order will remain in effect until the earliest of:

  1. The expiration of the Secretary of Health and Human Services’ declaration that COVID-19 constitutes a public health emergency.
  2. The CDC Director rescinds or modifies the Order based on specific public health or other considerations.
  3. September 30, 2020

The CDC’s latest report calls out Disney Cruise Line with examples of potential non-compliance with the extended No Sail Order.

On June 10, 2020, CDC sent a Notice of Potential Non-Compliance with the No Sail Order to Disney Cruise Lines (DCL) relating to inadequate spacing and mixing of staterooms intended for “well” and “sick” crew and potential failure to discontinue buffet meal service during an ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. These concerns were based on records and photographs received by CDC from the Disney Wonder to document compliance with elements outlined in the April 15, 2020 Extension. CDC also sent DCL a separate letter documenting its concerns regarding a sustained outbreak of COVID-19 or COVID-like illness among crew onboard the Disney Wonder during the period of the April 15, 2020 Extension. Since April 15, 2020, CDC had received reports of 181 cases of confirmed COVID-19 and 19 case of COVID-like illness associated with this ship. Of particular concern was the fact that this outbreak had continued over a ten-week time frame, including before the April 15, 2020 Extension, with the last date of COVID-like illness reported to CDC on May 25, 2020.

On June 24, 2020, DCL responded that inadequate spacing and mixing of staterooms intended for “well” and “sick” crew occurred because of the challenges of transferring asymptomatic, symptomatic, and COVID-19-positive crew members between rooms and limited availability of vacant staterooms with balconies. DCL also denied that an “active” buffet meal service was in place and affirmed that crew members would point out desired meal items and then have other crew members serve those items to them on a plate. In regard to the outbreak onboard the Disney Wonder, DCL asserted that any discrepancies in reporting positive test results to the CDC were due to inadvertent error. As a corrective action, DCL stated that it had reviewed and reinforced the proper procedures for reporting of illness to the CDC. In describing what factors may have led to the magnitude and duration of this outbreak, DCL noted that numerous crew members who subsequently tested positive for COVID-19 were asymptomatic and that some of these crew members served as essential crew and were not quarantined in their rooms until the results of ship-wide testing were received.

CDC Extended No Sail Order – Pg 10 and 11

Additionally, the CDC report states outbreaks have continued in crew members on ships like the Disney Wonder, on which a COVID-19 outbreak spanned 10 weeks and included 229 confirmed and 43 COVID-like illness cases among crew

CLIA issued the following via a tweet in response to the CDC’s announcement.

CLIA CDC 20200716 No Sail Order Extension Statement

At this time, the CDC’s extension will impact the following Disney Cruise Line sailings which were not bookable, but not officially cancelled.

Disney Dream

Disney Fantasy

Disney Wonder

It bears repeating, these sailings are not officially cancelled until Disney Cruise Line makes an official announcement. However, it is safe to say these 10 sailings will not be departing the US ports of Port Canaveral and the Port of San Diego.

We will continue to monitor this situation and share any updates as they become available. If you are book on any of these sailings and receive correspondence from Disney, please consider sharing.

6 Replies to “CDC Extends No Sail Order for Cruise Ships Through September 30, 2020”

  1. Mary Ann Morrison

    I am tending to also think that cruising will not resume until 2021. I have the 6 night sailing form New York to Puerto Rico scheduled to depart on November 1. I’ll just modify it to something in the first few months of 2021 if it is cancelled. Thank you for the updates.


    Not unexpected, but disappointing nonetheless. My DDs and I were on the Sept. 24 double-dip and hoping the no sail wouldn’t be extended. Now looking at sometime next year….

  3. Thomas J Opperman

    No official notification from Disney about my 9/29 cruise being cancelled but this morning I found my cruise information on the disney website and my information on the cruise app have been removed. Kind of a screwed up way to notify you.


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