A Light on the Horizon: Shanghai Disneyland Reopens to Guests

As we sail through this pandemic, we are searching for the proverbial light on the horizon and we just spotted a glimmer of light. Today, Shanghai Disneyland reopened its gates to welcome guests and fans ushering in what is likely a new normal at the theme parks, at least for the near future.

Today’s reopening is a very special moment for Shanghai Disney Resort cast members, who have taken great care to prepare the park for guests. According to Joe Schott, President and General Manager at Shanghai Disney Resort, making magic means even more today, as we reflect on the resilience of our community; wonderful cast members who worked so diligently to preserve the park during the closure; the enthusiasm of guests and fans; and, of course, the determination and dedication of the medical workers and first responders who helped to make this possible.

Shanghai Disneyland
Enchanted Storybook Castle – Shanghai Disneyland

For Shanghai Disney Resort, while this is a key step in our phased reopening, there are many more milestones to come for us and our sister parks around the world.

Schott thanked everyone for helping the magic live on, in your homes and imaginations, during these challenging times. Schott hopes you enjoy these moments of joy and excitement from the first day of the reopening at Shanghai Disneyland!

To learn more about Disney approach to reopening the parks please check out the Disney Parks Blog article on the matter here.

Later in the day, Bob Chapek did a few interviews including the following with CNBC.

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