Disney Cruise Line Extends Final Payment Deadlines for Select Summer 2020 Sailings

On Wednesday, March 18, 2020, Disney Cruise Line automatically extended final payments for select 2020 summer sailings. Final payments have been extended out an additional 30 days. (For example, a departure with a final payment due yesterday, March 18, 2020, is now extended to April 17, 2020.)

The impacted sailings are:

  • Disney Dream
    • Sailing embarking on June 17 – sailings embarking on August 30
  • Disney Fantasy
    • Sailing embarking on July 18 – sailings embarking on August 31
  • Disney Wonder
    • Sailing embarking on July 20 – sailings embarking on August 31
  • Disney Magic
    • Sailing embarking on August 5 – sailings embarking on August 30

The following policies apply:

  • Guests will not be able to complete Online Check-In or book Cruise Activities/Port Adventures if they have not paid in full
  • Disney Cruise LineAir will continue to follow existing policies
    • Payment will be due at time of final for Flexible Air
    • Restricted Air is non-refundable once paid
  • The cancellation policy will shift by 30 days for all non-suite/non-concierge staterooms
    • There are no changes to the cancellation policy for Suites and Concierge Staterooms

In the email sent to guests, Disney Cruise Line mentions the suspension of new departures through April 12, 2020, was done in an abundance of caution and in the best interest of our Guests, Cast and Crew. Additionally, the email states they currently evaluating various options for sailings beyond April 12, but have not made changes to any itineraries at this time. Once a decision is made, Disney Cruise Line will reach out to Guests booked on these sailings. One interesting bit, the sailings are not the same as the previous update.

DCL Email Extended Final Payment COVID 19 20200323

7 Replies to “Disney Cruise Line Extends Final Payment Deadlines for Select Summer 2020 Sailings”

  1. Nica

    If you already paid in full, would you still be able to cancel for 100% refund (as long as you do it before the new “paid in full” date)? Thank you!

  2. Rick Waggener

    My cruise was cancelled due to the COVID-19 situation too. I received multiple e-mails from dcl.com on updates regarding the constant changes evolving. The end result was an e-mail saying that I could choose either a 100% refund of the paid in full cruise or a 125% credit to be used towards a cruise within the next 15 months. For either choice I had to call DCL and speak with a cast member and give them my decision. I chose another cruise in the future. At the end of the easy process I ended with the next cruise paid in full including the gratuities and a $507.00 stateroom credit for that cruise. Very easy and very painless.

  3. thomasrjohnson@gatech.edu

    I had a Dream June 21st sailing date booked direct with DCL, final payment was moved from today March 23rd to APRIL 22……WOW AM I LUCKY TO OF READ THE FINE PRINT POINT 3 of TERMS AND CONDITIONS it does not change….says we forfeit the deposit if we wanted to cancel on the new final payment date! I spoke to Disney 3 times prior and was assured a refund, but using chat on line this morning they confirmed what I saw in the fine print. So the moving 30 days will not change original terms and conditions when you originally booked…..CANNOT TRUST DCL!

  4. Rick Waggener

    Good catch. I guess my experience was different. I like to speak with a live cast member rather than a live chat. I seem to have better luck that way.

  5. suzannelindamood

    Question of someone who has had a cruise cancelled: Do they apply a 10% onboard booking discount to the new cruise if one was used on the cancelled cruise?


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