Disney Cruise Line Launches Lighthouse Point Informational Website Featuring Illustrated Concept Site Plan

On January 29, 2020, Disney Cruise Line registered LighthousePointBahamas.com, as well as multiple redirect domains such as DCLighthousePoint.com and DisneysLighthousePoint.com which were registered on October 25, 2019. This week marks the launch of an informational website regarding the Lighthouse Point cruise port development project previously announced for the southern point of Eleuthera. Part of Disney’s commitment to The Bahamas was to hire Bahamians for their second private cruise destination, this website is part of the commitment as it has been designed by Felicia Woodside of Felicia Creative, a local Bahamian company.

DCL Lighthouse Point Bahamas Website 20200129

“Since the beginning of this effort, it has been important for us to forge deep relationships with our local neighbours in Eleuthera and The Bahamas more broadly,” said Jeff Vahle, Disney Cruise Line’s president.

“We have strived to take input from the government and the community, and to share information openly about our vision and plans for Lighthouse Point. We hope this website serves as a helpful resource, and provides a platform for easy access to the latest information.”

The Lighthouse Point Bahamas website is features information on the project with sections discussing opportunity, environment, culture, and community. The opportunity section focuses on Disney plans to create sustainable economic opportunities to benefit The Bahamas while the environment section attempt to tackle the most important and most controversial aspect of the project by offering information on how Disney plans to protect and sustain the natural environment of the property and marine area. The culture section shares the details Joe Rohde revealed at the D23 Expo and subsequent press releases. Another area boasts Disney’s involvement in the local communities which they have been doing for more than 20 years in Nassau, the Abaco islands and now in Eleuthera.

Progress, news and an FAQ section are also included to round out LighthousePointBahamas.com.

Lighthouse Point Illustrative Concept Plan 20191016 Small
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The progress page provides us with the best look to date of the illustrative concept plan for the property dated October 16, 2019. In the plan shown below you can clearly see the Adventure Camp with nature trails and lookout towers. It almost appears to show a zip line, tree trail, and water slides within Disney’s Lighthouse Point Adventure Camp.

Lighthouse Point Illustrative Concept Plan 20191016 Adventure Camp

From the concept plan, it appears Disney Cruise Line will offer beach cabanas along the south beach with an adjacent South Family Beach closer to the actual lighthouse location which was donated back to The Bahamas as public land.

Lighthouse Point Illustrative Concept Plan 20191016 South Beach

The East Family Beach area includes an Art & Culture Center, Spa & Wellness area, and a further Cabana Expansion area. Coupling the conceptual plan with concept art, it appears there will be a splash zone at the very least or even a pool just off the central area.

Lighthouse Point Illustrative Concept Plan 20191016 East Beach
DCL Lighthouse Point Beach D23 Expo
Disney’s Lighthouse Point – East Family Beach Concept Art

On the North Beach there is a spot for a proposed Disney Sponsored Conservation Center and public beach within the land which Disney donated back to The Bahamas. The area including the public beach will be accessible via a public road donated by Disney.

Lighthouse Point Illustrative Concept Plan 20191016 North Beach

There will be a dedicated crew backstage area with housing and recreation along with administrative facilities and a solar farm. The access pier to the cruise ship berth is better seen along with what appears to be a tram route through the property labeled as private road.

Lighthouse Point Illustrative Concept Plan 20191016 Backstage

Disney Cruise Line has completed its purchase of the Lighthouse Point property and signed a Heads of Agreement with the government of The Bahamas. Disney reiterates in the FAQs on LighthousePointBahamas.com, they will only move forward with a project at Lighthouse Point if it can do so in a way that aligns with the company’s deep and longstanding commitment to the environment. In addition to its own animal and conservation experts, Disney assembled a team of highly qualified and experienced scientists and other professionals who spent more than two years developing a comprehensive Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). Disney submitted the EIA to the BEST Commission in late December and has been advised that the BEST Commission will post the document on their website after their feedback is incorporated and government reviews are complete. Additional public consultation will occur as part of the site plan approval process. The EIA is based on extensive field work, robust data collection and analysis, direct engagement with those who have studied the site and the species observed there, and an exhaustive review of available literature. Construction will only begin on the site after the Environmental Impact Assessment and Environmental Management Plan are accepted by government, public consultation has occurred and all other necessary government permits and approvals have been granted.

An initial archive of LighthousePointBahamas.com, as of February 3, 2020, has been save to the Internet Archive.

What do you think about this information website Disney established for Lighthouse Point? Do you like what you see in the conceptual plan?

16 Replies to “Disney Cruise Line Launches Lighthouse Point Informational Website Featuring Illustrated Concept Site Plan”

  1. Alison Salzinger

    The best way to help the environment in Eleuthera is not to blast through already stressed coral reefs to build a pier, leave beaches with turtle nesting alone and not add sewage and silt to the reef which this will definitely do.

  2. David Oakland

    Hi Scott, so can’t really really tell from of course the sketches, but I really hope they do something BIG with a waterpark, if they’re going to want to keep up with RCCL and their renovated island…

    1. James Loghry (@dancinllama)

      Ick. No thanks. That’s a huge appeal for me for Castaway, is it’s more relaxing and not waterpark-y. I’d prefer a greater selection of Cabanas and an adult beach like Serenity Bay. Will be interesting to see what the Adventure Camp has in store. Looks like perhaps they’re adding a zip line?

  3. Jill

    I only have one big question. Where is the ALL ADULT beach like Serenity Bay??? This is beautiful, but that is a deal breaker for me. If they don’t have it, I won’t take that cruise.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      This is a conceptual plan for the development and not intended to be used as marketing of the destination’s amenities to cruise passengers. Small, yet important details will eventually come to light when Disney decides to share more.

    1. Dallas

      If your an adult and want an adult only beach. My Question is why are you on a Disney cruise? If you want to be an adult go to Eluthera on a plane rent a car (drive on on the other side of the road), rent a house, go get food by yourself and meet the locals. Hey take your kids bond with them, have an adventure without a cruise line being your babysitter.

  4. Steven

    I feel Disney will do an awesome job on protecting thing and preserving lighthouse point. The concerns I have is the Bahamian government is going to push Disney hard on lighthouses point and do like they always do(putting money in the back pocket). Its about time the Bahamian government is fixing the current port in Nassau but everyone is losing sight that this was a private sale and Disney is reaching out to the Bahamian government in a good gesture. If you look at everything Disney has done they are by far the best stewards of the land and leading the way in conservation. Disney could build a huge waterpark like Royal and be wasteful but Disney will do what they always do best!!

  5. DisneyMommy

    Definitely need an adult only beach. Serenity Bay is my haven for the day when on Castaway. None of the beaches look secluded enough to be as relaxing as Serenity Bay. North Beach looks to be located near the possible pool area….and unless it’s for adults only, I don’t see the area being quiet and peaceful.

  6. Jill

    For the person who asked why use a Disney adult beach. Because it’s amazing. We raised 3 kids and now, we get to enjoy everything Disney offers that is perfect, the shows, the adult shows at night and Broadway style shows, Palo and the adult pool area. But more importantly, the Disney service that you cannot find anywhere else. Plus, we love Mickey and friends! Just because we turn into adulthood, it surely doesn’t mean we start not liking everything we loved when we had our kids with us.

  7. Sam Watson

    Disgusting and repulsive. I can’t comprehend of you who support the destruction of the natural beauty of The Bahamas, and the overall negative impacts of developing this. Locals don’t want you here. I hope this project crashes and burns.

    1. Alison Salzinger

      Yes, please leave this beautiful island alone. This will pollute it and it’s a fallacy that they will give a lot of local people jobs.


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