2020 Disney Cruise Line Merchandise Preview

Disney Cruise Line’s 2020 line of commemorative line of merchandise is available fleet wide featuring Mickey Mouse & Minnie Mouse in their iconic roles from Steamboat Willie across many of the items.

DCL 2020 Merchandise Display

Below is a sampling of the 2020 Disney Cruise Logo merchandise recently spotted aboard the Disney Fantasy’s New Year’s cruise. Special thanks to Erin Foster, co-author of The Unofficial Guide to Disney Cruise Line 2020, for sharing these photos.

DCL 2020 Merchandise Magnet

A selection of the 2020 clothing ranges from t-shirts to hooded zip up jackets.

There are two options when it comes to Tervis tumbers for 2020; the traditional plastic version, as well as the stainless steel option. In addition, there is a two-pack of shot glasses, or for those that want to stick with the company line, toothpick holders. However, I cannot fathom why one would need multiple toothpick holders.

The 2020 scrapbooks return with the scrapbook and a scrapbook kit with additional graphics to customize each page.

The photo album and frame share the same design featuring a subliminal message to book another cruise for 2021.

Depending on when you read this you may still have your holiday decorations up so here is a glimpse at the 2020 ornaments you can look forward to placing on your tree next year, or this year if your tree is still up.

As of now, most of the merchandise is only available on board the ships. However, we will keep an eye out as some select items from 2019 became available for purchase online at  shopDisney.com.

What do you think of the Disney Cruise Line Dated 2020 Collection of merchandise? 

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  1. Michele

    Like the look of items. Pricing will determine whether or not I purchase any of them. On my last cruise, a simple postcard was more than $2.50. The markup on Disney-branded products is excessive.


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