Updated Disney Cruise Navigator App Adds in-App Onboard Placeholder Booking

The latest version of the Disney Cruise Line Navigator app added the ability to reserve a placeholder for a future Disney cruise on the ship and take advantage of special savings.

DCL Navigator App V3.3.0 Update Placeholder Booking

The new feature in the navigator app will surely help to reduce the line (and the Cast Member workload) at the rebooking desk, as guests simply looking to purchase a placeholder voucher for a future cruise can now skip the line altogether and purchase via the app. Details on the actual process are not included in the update’s notes. At this time it is unclear what the process would be if you want to use a gift card, or another credit card from the one you have associated with your onboard account. We’d love to hear how the process works in the comments below since we will not have a chance to try it until early next year.

The updated Disney Cruise Navigator app version 3.3.0 is available from the Apple’s App Store and Google Play store.

9 Replies to “Updated Disney Cruise Navigator App Adds in-App Onboard Placeholder Booking”

  1. Stefan

    This was announced by staff on board previously. It should work for the simple case “card on file + simple placeholder” I was told.

    1. Dawn

      I doubt it will. You most likely will have to get a form from your TA, sign it and send it back in 30 days or less after booking to have it transferred.

  2. Robert

    Disney Wonder future cruise desk said last night that won’t be active on Wonder until the 29th. He also said it would have option to add TA.


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