Disney Parks Wishables Disney Cruise Line Series Hits the High Seas

Disney Cruise Line’s series of Disney Parks Wishables hit the high seas in October. This all new series, exclusive to the cruise ships, features Mickey and Minnie as open editions with Donald, Daisy, Pluto, and Goofy available in blind bags.

DCL Wishables
DCL Wishables

The Disney Cruise Line Wishables series on display in Mickey’s Mainsail.

DCL Wishables
DCL Wishables Donald Duck
Donald Duck Wishable
DCL Wishables Daisy Duck
Daisy Duck Wishable

It took us 3 attempts to find Donald, but it was worth it.

DCL Wishables Donald Daisy Duck
Daisy Duck – Donald Duck – Daisy Duck Wishables

Which Disney Cruise Line Wishable is your favorite?

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