Disney Cruise Line Announces Fall 2020 Itineraries for the Disney Magic (November – December)

Today, Disney Cruise Line announced November and December 2020 sailings for the Disney Magic after they were mysteriously absent from June’s Fall 2020 itinerary announcement.

Mysterious, a coincidence, or did something happen that caused Disney Cruise Line to hold back Disney Magic sailings from Miami in November and December 2020? The most compelling and time sensitive scenario could be that Disney Cruise Line was planning to announce the Disney Magic would be sailing to Cuba in the fall, then had to pull a Crazy Ivan at the 11th hour.

The original Fall 2020 announcement was on June 6th, two days after the Trump Administration abruptly banned cruise travel to Cuba. According to the Department of Commerce, these regulatory sanctions were first announced in mid-April which could have led Disney Cruise Line to hold back on the Fall 2020 sailings until the amendment was enacted. The fall announcement has been in mid-May the previous five years.

The Disney Magic will sail to the Bahamas and the Caribbean from Miami between November 12, 2020 and December 30, 2020.

The majority of the newly announced savings will feature the Very MerryTime holiday overlay. The December 26th and December 30th sailings will not be Very MerryTime sailings.


6 Replies to “Disney Cruise Line Announces Fall 2020 Itineraries for the Disney Magic (November – December)”

  1. Jack

    Is there a 5 night Bahamian “cruise to nowhere” with 4 days at sea on 12/7? Or is that an error? What a unique and different sailing if true!

  2. Bob Lane

    Is the five day all sea days on Dec 7th a misprint? I can’t find it on the DCL website. Personally I love the idea of all sea day cruises with maybe a stop at Castaway


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