A Perfect Day at Castaway Cay

During a recent DCL Blog Group Cruise aboard the Disney Dream, we sailed on a 4-night itinerary with two stops at Castaway Cay. Both days we had perfect weather to enjoy the island. During the first stop, I envisioned a day long time lapse from arrival through departure. However, upon returning to our stateroom in the early afternoon, I discovered I never actually started the time lapse. Moral of this story is get to know how to use your gear before you set sail. I did manage to start the camera for the following afternoon time lapse.

Practice makes perfect. As we were approaching Castaway Cay for our second stop, I started the time lapse with the anticipating the it would run all day. This time, when we returned to our stateroom the camera was thousands of images in and still going.

Perfect Day At Castaway Cay GoPro Setup

To ensure the battery would not be an issue, I connect the GoPro to a USB battery pack leaving the 32GB memory card to be the only factor that would limit the number of images that could be recorded. I set the time lapse to take a photo every 5 seconds which resulted in over 9700 images taking up nearly 27GB.

GoPro Perfect Day At Castaway Cay Timelapse

If my math is right, the following video spans 13 hours, or basically a Perfect Day at Castaway Cay.

What do you think, is this a Perfect Day at Castaway Cay or what?

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  1. Kate

    Great!! We are just making plans for a 4 night Halloween cruise and this makes me even more excited!


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