2019 Disney Wonder Alaskan Merchandise

In May, we shared a preview of the 2019 Alaskan cruise merchandise, and now we are sharing a look at all the merchandise available in Sea Treasures aboard the Disney Wonder during our Alaskan cruise.

The hottest item these days are the Spirit Jerseys which DCL coincidentally just launched a new series featuring the ship name logo and the stern characters. Below is a look at the version for the Disney Wonder, but they are also out on the Dream, and Fantasy. Still looking for the best one, if you are on the Magic please send me a photo. Also, I’d one for each member of the family.

Sorry, for getting spiritjerseysidetracked, now back to the Spirit Jerseys. The Alaskan Spirit Jerseys feature the DCL Alaska logo on the front and Disney Cruise Line across the shoulders.

The updated hats, gloves, scarves, and ear warmers feature the Disney Cruise Line logo. The gloves are the type where there is a mitten that covers your fingers allowing you to pull it back to use on say a smartphone, or if you are like me sit in my office typing on a keyboard when its freezing.

DCL Alaska Merch Hats Gloves Scarf Headband
DCL Alaska Merch

The items that seemed to fly off the shelves were the plushes of Mickey and Minnie in their Alaskan outfits.

All the small things that will easily fit in your luggage and not put your checked bags over the weight limit.

There was a selection of beverage containers including coffee mugs etched with the ALA SKA logo, a stainless steel Tervis water bottle, and a moose mug.

DCL Alaska Merch Beverage Containers

There were number of Nike apparel items embroidered with the DCL Alaska logo.

There were two different hats, one was a grey Nike hat, and a white mesh like hat. I couldn’t pass up the white hat, but fyi, I wore once, last weekend at Typhoon Lagoon, and it is now dingy, but has a wonderful sunscreen scent. No regrets, love the fit of the hat.

Looking for sweatshirts, hoodies, and shirts, well you are in luck. You can even get a shirt emblazoned with a location the Disney Wonder is not visiting this year, or hasn’t been able to visit in a few seasons. That’s right folks, Tracy Arm is printed on the ALA SKA shirt suggesting the shirt order went in well before the January 14, 2019 announcement all 2019 Alaskan sailings with a visit to Tracy Arm Fjord would instead visit Endicott Arm AKA Dawes Glacier.

I really wanted to get the Tracy Arm shirt, but I decided to hold off until Derek Burgan sends out the Disney Outlet alert, and I can pick it up at hopefully a significant discount.

There were just a few kids items available such as this shirt and zip up hooded jacket.

DCL Alaska Merch

If you are looking for general Alaskan merchandise, your best bet is to shop ashore as the selection of local goods is very limited. There was a totem pole, bear oven hit, some smoked salmon, chocolates, a cutting board, beer brittle, a cutting board, and a selection of blurry books.

Who doesn’t love an add on purchase, especially one that you know you want to buy anyway. Disney Cruise Line is a pioneer in the field of selling themed fleece throws as add on items. The 2019 Alaska throw features Mickey and Minnie in their regional outfits for $20 when you spent $60, or something like that. To be honest, it wasn’t hard to reach the minimum and we wanted to get the blanket anyway.

DCL Alaska Merch Blanket

That concludes the look at the 2019 Disney Cruise Line Alaska Cruise merchandise. What do you think about this year’s offerings and graphics?

DCL Alaska Merch Logo

6 Replies to “2019 Disney Wonder Alaskan Merchandise”

  1. Angela Oschefski

    Thanks for all the details and the photos. I know I’ll be making a beeline to Sea Treasures the first night it’s open on our cruise. I just hope most of the Alaskan stuff is still available as we don’t sail until August 26th. When we sailed in August 2017 there were no fleece blankets left 🙁

    1. Nina

      Angela, we’re you able to get some nice Alaskan stuff? Or was it mostly sold out? I’m worried because we sail next week and my 3.5yr daughter will be heartbroken without a plushie!


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