2019 Disney Cruise Line Merchandise Preview

Disney Cruise Line’s 2019 line of merchandise is available fleet wide and is highlighted by designs featuring the classic art style of Captain Mickey and Sailor Minnie.

DCL 2019 Merchandise Logo 2Below is a sampling of the 2019 Disney Cruise Logo merchandise recently spotted aboard the Disney Wonder. Special thanks to my buddy Eric for sharing these photos.
DCL 2019 Merchandise Baseball Shirt DCL 2019 Merchandise Anchor Zippered Hoodie DCL 2019 Merchandise Anchor Hat DCL 2019 Merchandise Nike Anchor Polo DCL 2019 Merchandise Nike Anchor Polo Logo

DCL 2019 Merchandise Mickey Shirt

Disney Adventure…

DCL 2019 Merchandise Stainless Tervis

Image taken from the Disney Parks Blog

DCL 2019 Merchandise Womens Shirt DCL 2019 Merchandise Captain Mickey Shirt DCL 2019 Merchandise Womens Minnie Shirt DCL 2019 Merchandise Sweatshirt DCL 2019 Merchandise Sweetshirt Logo DCL 2019 Merchandise Kids Hoodie DCL 2019 Merchandise Kids Hoodie Logo DCL 2019 Merchandise Stainless Water Bottles DCL 2019 Merchandise Coffee MugThe background on the stainless steel Tervis is the ornamentation on the atrium elevators. DCL 2019 Merchandise Stainless TervisDCL 2019 Merchandise Beach Towel DCL 2019 Merchandise Scrapbook DCL 2019 Merchandise Photo Album DCL 2019 Merchandise Photo Album DCL 2019 Merchandise Photo Frame DCL 2019 Merchandise Photo Frame Ornament DCL 2019 Merchandise Glass Ornament Front DCL 2019 Merchandise Glass Orament Back DCL 2019 Merchandise Ear Hat Ornament

As of now, most of the merchandise is only available on board the ships. However, some select items, including the following items, have been added to shopDisney.com.

What do you think of the 2019 merchandise? While I’m normally not a fan of the dated merchandise designs, I am really liking the 2019 Disney Cruise Line designs. 

7 Replies to “2019 Disney Cruise Line Merchandise Preview”

  1. Denise S

    I’m a big fan of the color palette & the designs. I may go for the towels I LOVE different beach towels. I am not a fan of the date on everything. I would have purchased the Blingy Mickey blue shirt but the date ruins the look for me, somehow cheapens it in my opinion. I’m ALWAYS a fan of the Mickey anchor, I’m really happy that design is still around. Thanks for this article Scott, I will wait to purchase on the ship though, for me that tethers my purchase to my cruise’s fondest memories plus OBC makes the purchases feel even more special !!

  2. David Peters

    Any recommendations on how to replace a mug. I just returned from a cruise. I had purchased two coffee mugs. As I was washing one, the bottom broke off. The sides didn’t crack. There wasn’t any evidence of it being broken. Just the bottom of the mug broke off leaving a round bottom and the complete sides.

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      Hi David, You can try calling DCL and asking if they can help. I have not tried this myself, but it wouldn’t hurt to ask. Alternatively, you can see if the mug is for sale via shopDisney.com. If so, you could try contacting them to see if they’d be willing to exchange the mug. Over the last year, they’ve added a lot more general DCL merchandise online.


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