Galveston Looking to Lock in Disney Cruise Line with a New 5-year Berthing Agreement

The Port of Galveston is making waves this week announcing a brand new cruise terminal for Royal Caribbean, but that is not all. Sailing under the radar is news that the Port of Galveston and Disney Cruise Line are also at the table working on a new deal.

Port Director/CEO Rodger Rees, formerly the deputy director and CFO at Port Canaveral, told Cruise Industry News, he was in the process of signing a new five-year deal with Disney Cruise Line.

Disney original operating 2012 agreement was for two-years with a one-year renewal option. At the time, the Port of Galveston was hoping to secure Disney for a five-year term, but Disney did not feel comfortable committing to more than three-years (two-years plus one-year option).

In September 2017, the port unanimously approved an additional 1-year to the operations agreement which I suspect is the agreement currently in place for the Disney Wonder sailings which began in last month.

Galveston DCL Operating Agreement Extension 09252017

We will keep you updated the Port of Galveston’s attempt to secure a 5-year operating agreement with Disney Cruise Line.


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  1. Joe

    Oh I hope so. Sailing out of Galveston is so much more convenient for us. 5 of our 6 DCL cruises are on the Disney Wonder. We just love that ship and recently disembarked at Galveston after sailing through the Panama Canal on her.


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