Disney Cruise Line Tops Newsweek’s 2019 Inaugural List of America’s Best Companies for Customer Service

Newsweek recently revealed it’s inaugural list of America’s Best Companies for Customer Service with Disney Cruise Line taking home top honors. To be clear, Disney Cruise Line ranked #1 overall, not in just in the cruise, or travel category.

Newsweek examined the larger, impersonal forces that are transforming retail landscape and determined it was time to recognize a more personal factor in business success: the ways in which many companies nurture their relationships with consumers. In collaboration with Statista, the respected global research firm, to collect and analyze data across 141 retail categories.

Disney Wonder Re Imagined Guest Services

Newsweek selected companies based on an independent survey of more than 20,000 US customers. More than 130,000 evaluations were completed to determine the winners for each of the eight categories. Criteria included quality of communication, technical competence, range of services, customer focus, accessibility and likelihood of recommending the service or retailer.

Newsweeks’s Top 10 companies that American consumers were most likely to recommend to their friends and family, as determined by a Statista-Newsweek survey are as follows:

  1. Disney Cruise Line
  2. See’s Candies
  3. Justice
  4. Lands’ End
  5. Chick-fil-A
  6. Publix
  7. Vitacost
  8. Morton’s the Steakhouse
  9. Avon
  10. Cracker Barrel

It comes as no surprise given the overall rankings that Disney Cruise Line also topped the list in the cruise operations category.

Disney Cruise Line has been named No. 1 overall in Newsweek’s inaugural 2019 list of America’s Best Companies for Customer Service. The company is also recognized as No. 1 in the Cruise Operators category.

Newsweek’s Top 3 Companies for Customer Service include Royal Caribbean and Carnival Cruise Line. Score shown in parenthesis.

  1. Disney Cruise Line (9.59)
  2. Royal Caribbean International (8.87)
  3. Carnival Cruise Line (8.77)

“This award is a tremendous recognition for our dedicated cast and crew who create magical memories for our guests every day,” said Jeff Vahle, president of Disney Signature Experiences and Disney Cruise Line. “Topping this list reinforces our pride in delivering only the best possible service and vacation experiences.”

More details on America’s Best Companies for Customer Service can be found here and if you’d like to see the details for the Cruise Operators, you can drill down in the Services: Transportation and Travel category.

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