Disney Cruise Line Decreasing Disney Castaway Cay Cabana Swedish Massages

Disney Cruise Line announced price decreases for Disney Castaway Cay Cabana Swedish Massages. Castaway Cay Cabana Swedish Massages, which were pre-reserved prior to the dates listed below will be charged the new lower rate!

The updated pricing is as follows for the effective dates:

  • Castaway Cay Cabana Swedish Massage $118 from $147
    This 50 minute cabana massage for one combines the divine comfort and luxury of our renowned Swedish Massage with the natural beauty of one of our open-air Castaway Cay Cabanas. Dive deep into relaxation while enjoying breathtaking views of Serenity Bay.
  • Castaway Cay Couple Cabana Swedish Massage $220 from $294.
    This 50 minute cabana massage for two brings the pleasure of our renowned Swedish Massage to you and your partner in a unique, shared journey into paradise. Enjoy your massage while being gently caressed by soft breezes in an open-air Couples Cabanas with a crystal-blue view of beautiful Serenity Bay. When booking this treatment, only one name from your party is needed to reserve.

What are your thoughts on the Castaway Cay massage price changes? I would imagine you are in favor of the decrease, right?

2 Replies to “Disney Cruise Line Decreasing Disney Castaway Cay Cabana Swedish Massages”

  1. Erin Augustyniak

    This is great! Instead of Christmas gifts for each other, my husband and I typically get a couples massage at Castaway, so this is just a bonus to save some money now!

  2. Keith

    There is just so much to see and do on Castaway it is hard to take the time to have a massage. I imagine many others agree which is why these are so cheap. But if we strike out on getting Cabana next time we are there since we aren’t concierge this time around I just might spring for one.


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