Disney Cruise Line Survey Hints at Future Themed Day at Sea Cruises

Disney Cruise Line is asking guests about various Day at Sea theme cruises in an all-new online survey. The survey asks users to if they are interested or not interested in 15 different Day at Sea themes. The themes on the survey include current offerings such as Marvel and Star Wars Day at Sea and the Halloween and the Very MerryTime themed voyages. There are two versions of the survey that I’ve seen, one asks users about a theme for the entire cruise while another version asks about the themes as a Day at Sea option.

DCL Theme Survey 00

Below are the 15 different themes and the brief description from the survey starting with the current offerings.

  • Halloween Theme (Halloween on the High Seas)
    Fall is the time for spooky fun onboard Disney Cruise Line with a Halloween party on the high seas. Get your costumes ready and enjoy spirited fun including themed entertainment, character moments, and Trick-or-Treating around the ship.
  • Holidays (Christmas) Theme (Very MerryTime)
    Celebrate the joy of the holidays with your family onboard Disney Cruise Line. The spirit of the season comes alive through the magic of Disney including themed entertainment, character moments, and seasonal treats.
  • Marvel Theme (Marvel Day at Sea)
    Unleash your inner hero and experience the Marvel Universe onboard a Disney Cruise. Your family can experience their favorite super heroes across a variety of entertainment, character moments, and specialty offerings.
  • Star Wars Theme (Star Wars Day at Sea)
    Travel to a galaxy far, far away on an epic Disney Cruise featuring Star Wars. Your family will enter into the world of the Jedi and encounter a variety of entertainment, characters moments, and specialty offerings while onboard.

Moving along to the next themed cruise which was previously offered during four California Coast cruises aboard the Disney Wonder in 2012. The Disney Wonder to this day offers unique Pixar character moments and entertainment.

  • Pixar Theme
    Join your favorite Pixar characters for a festive celebration of friendship. Enjoy the magic of your favorite Pixar stories (Toy Story, Monsters Inc, & The Incredibles) as they come to life through unique entertainment, character moments, and specialty offerings onboard

That covers the current and recent slate of themed Disney cruises, lets move along to some new ideas – 10 to be exact.

  • Walt Disney World at Sea Theme
    Bring the magic of the theme parks onboard with activities representing each park at Walt Disney World Resort, including entertainment, character encounters, and other specialty activities.
  • Disney Broadway at Sea Theme
    Runs of Disney Broadway shows that tour across the country will be brought onboard offering unique shows to guests, in addition to extended entertainment offerings, character encounters, and other specialty activities.
  • International Food & Wine Theme
    Prepare your taste buds for a cruise of worldly culinary delights. Special locations onboard will be serving small plates and beverages from various countries, providing your family with authentic cuisine from iconic destinations.
  • Disney Music Theme
    Join us as we invite past Broadway singers and musicians onboard to perform classic Disney songs in live concert-style shows. Acts would be part of a series, varying by sailing, including other entertainment offerings related to the magic of Disney music.
  • Disney Animation Theme
    Celebrate your family’s love for Disney animated films from the past and present, from Steamboat Willie to Frozen, while enjoying themed entertainment, seminars, character moments, and specialty offerings onboard.
  • Disney Heroes vs. Villains Theme
    Embark on a cruise that seeks to find out once and for all….who is the fairest of them all, Heroes or Villains? Your family can enjoy an array of entertainment, character moments, and other activities centered around Disney’s “goodest goodies” and “baddest baddies.”
  • Mickey Mouse Theme
    Celebrate everyone’s favorite mouse for a magical birthday extravaganza unlike any other! Join your Disney pals onboard to celebrate Mickey with limited time entertainment, character moments, and delicious birthday treats the entire family can enjoy together.
  • Disney Through the Decades Theme
    Take your family on a cruise that celebrates the magic of Disney movies, both animated favorites and live-action classics. Guests will be able to enjoy themed entertainment, character moments, and specialty offerings onboard.
  • Disney Princess & Pirates Theme
    Gather your crew for a celebration of Princesses and Pirates onboard, where your family can go from a royal tea party to a swashbuckling adventure filled with themed entertainment, character moments, and other specialty offerings.
  • Disney Cruise Line 25th Anniversary Theme
    Join Disney Cruise Line in commemorating 25 years of sailing the high seas with a magical celebration including unique entertainment, character moments, and other specialty offerings onboard.

First, I am heading to the 25th anniversary theme. I’m left dumbfounded why DCL chose to publicly ignore their 20th. Sure there is some merchandise and it was acknowledged by cast and crew members onboard and at corporate, but no mention on the Disney Parks Blog or social media on July 30th. Personally, I see this as a missed opportunity to celebrate the milestone and use that momentum to ignite excitement by sharing some new details of the fleet expansion. Oh well, thanks for allowing me to vent.

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There are some solid ideas in these last 10 themes, but I think some of them would be better suited as recurring events or seasonal events along the lines of a Day of Frozen Fun offered during the summer on the Magic & Wonder. For instance, DCL could transition pirate night into a Princess and Pirate party akin to the Mickey’s Pirate and Princess Party hard ticket even at Magic Kingdom.

The two themes that really catch my eye and would be great for Day at Sea cruises are the Broadway at Sea and International Food & Wine themes. How great would it be to have one of the theatrical shows onboard be a rotating Disney on Broadway show. Talk about fresh evening entertainment offerings! Part of me wonders if this is a long term entertainment plan for the new ships. Then, take Epcot’s International Food and Wine festival to the high seas with mini booths set up around Cabanas with wine tastings in the adult lounges. I’d jump at the chance to sail for an all-inclusive international food festival – notice I left out the wine part of that all-inclusive, I’m keeping my expectations in check.

DCL Theme Survey 01 Follow Up

At the end of the survey, users are asked a follow-up question for each of the themes they were interested in. The follow-up question looks to determine if the theme in questions would sway your interest in booking the cruise with responses of Would be more likely to sail, Would not impact decision to sail, and Would be less likely to sail.

Overall, I think it is great that Disney Cruise Line is reaching out for guest feedback on potential future Day at Sea theme cruises. What do you think about these potential themes? Would any of them make you more or less likely to book a Disney cruise? Let’s have a public discussion about the various Day at Sea themes in the comments below. Special thanks to the co-host of Be Our Guest WDW Podcast and Touring Plans Blogger, Rikki Niblett for alerting us to the Disney Cruise Line Day at Sea theme survey.

17 Replies to “Disney Cruise Line Survey Hints at Future Themed Day at Sea Cruises”

  1. CS

    So interesting that theming is part of the survey, because I just took a post-cruise survey yesterday, and none of these questions appeared on my survey. The survey I was sent was centered almost exclusively on future cruise destinations, focused mostly on Central America (Costa Rica, Colombia, and Belize) and Hawaii (lots of questions about the individual islands other than Oahu and the Big Island). All that said, I would LOVE a food and wine festival-type cruise! Sign me up!! The Broadway and Disney music themes sound great, too. And for anyone who hasn’t done it yet, take a Marvel Day at Sea cruise! Our family’s favorite out of 7 Disney cruises! And agreed that the 20th anniversary went tragically uncelebrated for the most part. We were on the Magic 2 weeks ago, on the 20th anniversary, but these was no mention of it at all by cast members that we heard and no special activities. There was a little merch in the shops (I got a Tervis tumbler), but that was about it. 🙁

  2. Bob

    Some great choices. I see this as an attempt to further differentiate DCL from commodity cruise lines and emphasize they are an Entertainment Company that includes Cruising as opposed to Cruise Companies that do some Entertainment.

  3. Psac

    The Pixar one is the only one that really interests me. For the Broadway one, most of the shows are already on the ships, just in condensed form. Yeah, no Lion King, but they could add a condensed one to the new ships unless they’re prohibited from their original contracts with Julie Taymor.

    The best thing would just be to offer the Marvel day at Sea more! Loved it when we did it, and wish it was on more Magic sailings out of NY.

  4. Janet

    It’s been two years since we sailed on DCL and have none currently booked. For a lot of reasons, we’ve chosen to move on to other cruise lines. However, this survey really intrigues me. I have to admit that we would seriously consider booking some of these themed cruises. I really hope something comes of this.

    I suspect the food and wine cruise would be a huge hit, and we would also love the animation one or anything that focused on the history of Disney.

  5. Pamela Michelle Goodger

    I have done a Very Merry Time Cruise and several Star Wars Cruises and loved them all but a cruise themed for the Food and Wine Festival would be a dream come true. I don’t get to Disney World very often and it never seems to be when the Food and Wine Festival is happening so to be able to go on a cruise that offers that theme would be fantastic. I also would love a Marvel Cruise. I have not been able to go on one of those themed cruises yet but hear that it is one of the best themed cruises to go on. Of the new themed suggestions, I would also be very interested in the Disney on Broadway cruise and the Heroes and Villains Cruise. I hope Disney takes the comments seriously and starts offering some of these new themed cruises. I will be eagerly waiting what the future holds for Disney Cruise Line.

  6. beth

    I’m very confused why Halloween, Christmas, Marvel, and Star Wars are included since they already offer those.

    But I am 100% for Broadway – I’m interpreting it as being like the Disney on Broadway Concert series like Festival of the Arts where each cruise there would be a couple of featured legit Broadway stars (eg – Ashley Brown, Josh Strickland, etc.) which are AMAZING!

    Animation, Pixar, or Mickey Mouse would be awesome as well!

    1. Scott Sanders Post author

      I imagine they are included to see how the current offerings rank with the other ideas. Plus, there are two versions of the survey one asks about the theme for the entire cruise while another presents it as a single Day at Sea.

  7. Ryan

    I think a food and wine theme would be amazing! Especially for those who cruise DCL regularly and have had all the food served on board. Plus, free food and wine festival food just sounds amazing. I also like the idea of the Broadway shows on board. Both would encourage me to book a cruise.

  8. Nicholas

    I’d like them to build and improve current halloween/Christmas offerings, evolving them slightly each year or I producing new characters e.g. villains to halloween.

    We were recently surveyed about themed cruises but it was more about seasonal – they asked about a Valentine’s cruise and Easter cruise (which I think could be really fun!)

  9. Amy M

    Our 1st Disney cruise was on the Wonder for the Pacific Coast Cruise. We booked it for the itinerary and didnt realize it was a Pixar themed cruise til the week before we sailed. We were newbies then and are more experienced now.


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